Liam Payne Dirty Imagine: 10 Inches Of Payne

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Hope's POV....

UGH! It is so frustrating being Harry Styles' sister..... YES! THE HARRY STYLES! And to date one of the hottest guys in the world Liam Payne. Again YES! THE LIAM PAYNE! Anyways... I've been on tour with the boys for about four months. We will be home in about 7 or so months. So yea.... Being the only girl on a tour bus with five boys, except for the ocassional visits from El, Dani, Or Perrie... It can get pretty boring. But at least I have Liam to entertain me. hehe. So today the boys have to go to rehearsal, soundcheck, a signing and a few interviews. So therefore I know that my boo is gonna be really stressed when he gets home. I decide to go to the mall. Right now, we are staying at a hotel for about a week. The boys all share rooms, but me and Liam have our own. And before you ask, no Harry doesn't like the fact that we are dating. Its not that he doesn't trust Liam, but he knows some of the things we've done. I mean he is my brother. I tell him absolutely everything!!! And I mean everything even the details. Once I find the store I'm looking for I anxsiously run in looking for what I want. Did I mention I am in Victoria's Secret, looking for a sexy lingerie outfit, that is purple, Li's favorite color. It drives him crazy when I wear lacey lingerie... And that is why I do it. To please him. And I mean, not to brag or anything, but I have to admit that I look pretty sexy in some of the outfits I've worn for him. Anyways, I finally find one! It is solid dark purple, with a black lacey layer. It has a sexy ass push up bra, and skimpy thongs, with a black lace robe to cover it. Yea... I can get a little kinky sometimes, but me SexGod boyfriend has taught me so well, that it now comes naturally.

I get up to the register after finding one that is just one size to small, to make it even more revealing than it already was, and once I pay, I rushed back to the hotel extremely fast!!! I really don't think I've been so eager in a long time for Liam, but we haven't been able to have sex in a longg time because Harry is ALWAYS around. But eh ehatever, what am I supposed to say? 'Oh get out I wanna have sex with your best mate?' Uhm... yea no... lets not says that. ever!

As I got home, Li texted me it read

"Hey Babe, Miss You Can't Wait Until I See You Again. I'm Having A Horrible Day! I Just Need Your Kiss Right Now. Bye Love xx <3 xx ~Li"

I texted him back

"AWE! Li, I Miss you too!!!! And I'm sorry that you're having a stressful day. :( I can make it better when you get home?"

About 5 seconds later he answered

"Anytime. Anyplace. Gotta Go. Love You. Bye Love. xx <3 xx"

Liam will get back in about two hours, so I set up quickly. I get in the shower, using the shampoo, and body soap, that I know Liam loves, Then I apply some make-up. Extra sexily. I curl my hair, even though I know it will last me maybe two minute after he's home. Then I put on the lingerie I bought for him. I put rose petals all over the bed, and layed down, the sexiest way that I could with handcuffs, rope, a belt, a tube of ky, and a condom right next to me. And yes they will get used! Just as I think he's runnong late the door opens.

"Hope! I'm Home." Li yelled before he saw me on the bed.

I didn't answer.

"God Dammit You Look So Fucking Sexy. Look What You're Doing To Me!" He points at his already very very hard cock.

He reamoves his shirt in no time. I stare at his clearly defined chest. "You're So Sexy" I told him.

"Shut Up You Dirty Little Fucking Whore! You're Not Allowed To Talk Or Make Any Noise Unless I Say So! Got it?" He walk over to the bed, kissing me hungrily, eyes full of lust. I loved it when he was rough with me, it turned me on more. Made it even more pleasureable. I knew he liked it to. It was pure amazing!

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