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You walked down a hall looking for some stairs to lead up to the roof.

So am I dreaming? It feels real..

You pinched your arm and winced.

Hey! My wounds are gone!

Finally you found the stairs, but you saw a familiar guy.
"Hey.." you went up to him and he jumped.
"Oh hi.."
"You're Vices friend right? I saw you in a photo together.." you smiled and he looked around as he drug you to a corner.
"What photo? If you do have one burn it! Anyone who's caught being friends with him is done for.. especially if Kian finds out.." he told you.
"Okay but.. why?"
"It's just.. okay don't tell anyone but I know Vice would never do such a thing. It's just rumors you know? It's best not to be around him okay?" he assured and you nodded.

After the informing conversation, you made it towards the roof.

When you got to the top and looked around, you spotted two boys. One was Vice.
You almost gave yourself away as the two argued.

The other boy was tall as well. He had white hair and his fair skin was marked with purple bruises.
Him and Vice stood face to face but Kian was outraged.

"Come on Kian.. won't you stop?" Vice asked politely.


"Shut up Vice!!" he yelled and Vice went quiet.

Kian pulled out a cigarette as Vice held his head down.

"I don't understand why you're doing this, I just wanted to be your friend.." Vice started with resentment.
"What's this? Is the nice Vice feeling an emotion besides kindness?" Kian grinned and punched Vice in the stomach.
He fell to the ground in pain.

You wanted to barge in but didn't know how it would have an effect.

Come on Vice!! Fight back!

Vice had tears in his eyes as Kian kicked his stomach.
"Come on Vincent.. you know exactly how to end this.."
Vice coughed and looked up, "I told you.. I don't like you that way"

Another kick hit Vices stomach.
"Then why are you so nice to me huh?! No one else has treated me like you!!" Kian yelled with tears as he pulled Vice by the hair.

You picked up a rock hoping to do some damage with it but stopped when you seen Vice smirk.

"You're not special.. it's truly sad you think you are. I will never like you.." Vice almost sounded sadistic and Kians face heated with rage before grinning.
"Fine.. you'll suffer for no reason then.."

He dropped Vice to the ground and you hid as he exited the roof.
Vice picked himself up but winced in the process.

You quickly went over to him and wrapped him in a hug. "Are you okay Vice?!"

He froze and didn't hug back.
You squeezed him tighter and you heard him choke up.

"Hey? Why are you crying?"
"F-Fuck! Are you insane? You know what they'll do to you if they see you?" he wiped his tears and you smiled.
"I don't care.."

He began crying into your uniform and you ran your fingers through the back of his hair.
"I didn't do anything.." he sobbed.
"I know.." you comforted and he pushed you away.
"Fuck! This is embarrassing.. crying in front of a hot chick.." he laughed awkwardly and you smiled.

After he got himself together, he walked over to the ledge of the roof.

"Don't you want to know who I am?"
"No.." he mumbled but then threw his hands up flustered, "Not to be rude of course! It's just I don't want to get you in trouble.."
"In trouble? Vice when did you become such a worry wart" you grinned.
"Have we met? Sorry.. I've had trouble remembering things.."

You took his hand and his face heated.

"You can't meet that girl after school.."
His eyes widened, "Oh.."

Vice smiled a bit cockily.
You realized you were touching and looking at the real Vice.

He's so cute..

"I see.. you're jealous? I understand really" he grinned and your face heated.
"What?! I'm trying to protect you idiot!"
"Idiot? That's mean.. you shouldn't treat me such a way~"

Vices flirtatious ways we're back as if you didn't just see him get kicked to the ground.

"Really Vice!" you squeezed his hand, "I'm gonna protect you while I can. Don't stay after school okay? You're gonna stay with me the whole night!"

He gave you a confused expression before smiling innocently.

"Is that a code word for sex? Moving fast aren't we~?"

You immediately turned around and walked away.

"No!! Wait come back I was joking!!" Vice chased you down and you smacked him in the back of the head.
"I'm serious Vice I don't want you to die!" you yelled serious and he paused.
"I'm going to die tonight?"

You sighed.

"Please just meet me after school.. I'm going to try and talk to Kian.."
"What? No! That guy is crazy!" Vice grabbed your wrist and pulled you into a hug, "Let's just stay like this all day~"

You smiled.

He really was sweet when he was alive.. I guess he wasn't much loyal to my mom.

"Don't you like that other girl?"
"Not anymore.. she changed after Kian moved here. You're better anyway~" he mumbled into your uniform and you laughed out loud.
"You're such a sweetheart Vice"



You both scrambled as you got caught by a janitor. Now both of you roamed the halls.

Dammit.. I don't have a class.

"Vice promise me you'll meet me after school" you looked him in the eyes and he smiled.
"If you kiss me~"
"Wait, what is your name?" he asked and you sighed, "That's okay I'll call you sweetheart~ How bad do you wanna save me?"
"Vice are you an idiot? Do you want to die??" you asked upset and he paused before forcing a smile.


Oh Vice..


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