Chapter Thirty-one

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Mrs. Harrison had entered her normally empty home to find the light on in her husband's office. She should have known he'd come home to gloat.

She went to her bedroom to collect something before she came down the stairs and threw open the door. "So, is the deal done?"

Mr. Harrison pulled his eyes away from his near-complete collection of Gwendolyn Dupree's first novel, "Meeting of the Hearts" and smiled at his wife. "It is."

"Do you feel satisfied now? Vindicated? Is it all you ever dreamed of and more?"

"I don't particularly care for your sarcastic tone, Amelia, but other than how easy the transaction took place, yes, I feel all of those things."

Mr. Harrison grabbed his wife and pulled her into his arms. He went to kiss her but had a manilla envelope slammed into his chest instead.

"What's this?"

"Open it!" Amelia demanded.

His eyes never left hers but he slit open the envelope and pulled out the paperwork within.

"You can't be serious."

"Oh, but I am. I'm divorcing you. I have the best lawyers your money can buy and they tell me I can easily take half of everything you own if we go to court, including your shares in the various companies you've acquired."

"Why are doing this?"

"Keep reading?" she told him. Amelia could tell when he got to the part, she wanted him to read as he suddenly grabbed hold of his chair for support.

"You lying little..."

"Carefully there... you stand to lose everything with your next words," Amelia warned.

"I'll not give you a damn thing. I'll fight you and that bastard son of yours. You'll not see a dime of my money. I've already removed the clause about his acquiring the company upon his marriage. I know that was Dupree's plan all along. Get your son to fall in love with her and then take it all. Well, I worked too long and too hard to have that happen."

"Don't you mean you lied, cheated, and swindled your way to the top?"

"Fine words from the woman who claims to love me."

"I have never loved you. Who could love someone so vile, so full of hate? You were the means to an end. I had a child to support and you were looking to marry out of vengeance for the one you lost. Stupidly thinking she'd care. Why would she when she had a wonderful man like William to love her?"

Mr. Harrison's hand flew up to strike her and she prepared for the impact but it never came as her son appeared next to her holding that hand back with an iron grip.

"You dare strike my mother?"

Mr. Harrison wrenched his hand free. He rubbed his wrist.

"Have you told him?" Mr. Harrison smirked.

Amelia remained stoic.

"You haven't, have you?"

"I know you signed the deal, Father. I'm here to buy the company back from you."

Mr. Harrison let out a laugh that sounded more like a bark in response.

"You going to offer me my own money in return for my company."

"If you were ever a father to me you would have known I have been paying attention to your lessons. I'm damn good at business and I've made investments with the money I've earned on my own. I don't need you or your money. I was driven by my need to no longer be your slave who does your bidding. So, do we have a deal or not?"

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