Chapter 143

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"Are you sure it was him?"


I paced back & forth because I didn't know what to do. I never expected him to be bold enough to show up here like this.

"What are you gonna do?" Monique asked, "if it's gonna make you uncomfortable, you don't have to go back out there."

"I have to."

I walked back out onto the stage and looked out into the audience to see where Curtis was, but I didn't see him at all. Maybe, just maybe, it was all in my head.

I looked down at Blake, he mouthed "are you okay?" and I nodded. Right now, I have to prove that I'm a better dancer than Tyrell. I'll just deal with this Curtis thing after the show.


Well, the show was a success. I beat Tyrell, and now he knows not to talk shit about me again.

After we left the building, we all just started talking in the parking lot. We're supposed to be on the way to the airport, but I guess we have some time to kill.

"Ford, what are you doing?" Blake asked the little boy, who was dancing around and minding his business.

"Dancing like Bweedy," he replied, making everyone laugh.

'Great. I've corrupted my stepson.' I thought, burying my face in Blake's chest.

Brynn, Gail & Tommy complimented me, and Gail was saying she wished she could dance the way we did. I think Blake was a little embarrassed when she started dancing, but I thought it was cute.

"The music was little inappropriate though," my dad said, giving me a pointed look.

"Dad, you used to listen to way worse music before you because a Jesus Junkie," I said, making him laugh, "don't go there."

Everyone laughed with him as Monique, DJ, Jordan & Deshawn approached us. We were almost ready to go, but I had to go back inside to get my jacket.

I went into the dressing room and grabbed it, then went back to the front. I walked past the stage only to come face to face with Curtis.

"Hey Briana," he smirked, "I haven't seen you in almost a year. What's up?"

He walked up to me, and I backed up until my back was against the stage. I can't believe this is happening while everyone is standing outside.

"How did you get out?"

I kept trying to back up, even though I knew I couldn't go anywhere. I was trapped.

"Now Bri, you've known me for a long time. You know I always get what I want, and I want you."


"Don't you think you've caused me enough grief for a lifetime?" I asked.

"Don't say that, baby girl."

He tried to stroke my cheek, but I pushed his hand away from me, which only pissed him off. He grabbed my wrist and held onto it tightly. I'm really hoping someone has realized that I've been gone for a while.

"You are such a little bitch," he said, getting in my face.

"I'm a bitch because I won't allow you to rape me again?" I asked, "tell me something -- does your grandmother know that you're a rapist?"

Everyone knows Monique & her brothers are really close to their grandma, so I know I struck a nerve.

He clinched his jaw, then punched me in the face, and I fell to the ground.



I know it wouldn't take this long for Bri to get her jacket. When she didn't come out right away, I wanted to go in and see what was taking so long, but everyone told me not to worry about it. But I know my wife, and I know when something's wrong.

I walked inside and all I heard was Briana say, "does your grandmother know that you're a rapist?" I walked further into the building until I saw Briana and a guy, then the guy punched her in the face, and I fucking lost it.

I stormed in his direction and when he turned around to face me, I just hit him. When I realized it was Curtis, I just kept throwing punches because I've been wanting to do it for a year. I thought about how he approached & touched her in Atlanta, then I thought about the day he raped her, and it only pissed me off more.

"Blake, what the fuck are you doing?!" DJ screamed, pulling me off of him.

I broke out of his grip and charged back at Curtis, hitting him over and over again.

"Blake! What are you doing?!" Deshawn asked as DJ pulled me up again.

"Man, that's the asshole that raped Briana!" I shouted.

I tried to get back to Curtis, but Deshawn & DJ just held me back.

"Blake chill," Deshawn said, "you need to see if Bri is okay. We'll handle him."

I was so caught up in trying to kill Curtis, I didn't even bother to check and see if Briana was alright.

I walked over to where Jordan & Monique were sitting on the floor with her, picked her up and carried her to the car. I put her in the passenger seat, and she looked down at my bloody knuckles.

"You were there for me," she said quietly while running her hand over my knuckles.

I smiled a little and tucked some hair behind her ear, "I told you I wasn't gonna let him hurt you again."

She smiled softly and gave me a tight hug. I ran my hand up & down her back and kissed her forehead as we waited for the police.

This weekend Briana's family is having a party, and Brielle is getting christened, so hopefully that will take Briana's mind off of this bullshit.


Sorry about that sappy ending..

But...Blake & Curtis finally met.

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