Chapter 26

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"We should take out Sophie's body and burry it, the garden seemed like it had a pretty secure fence when we were walking over here." I said. We picked up Sophie's body and put it in a long cardboard box that was holding the ironing board in. I started to dig a hole with the shovel I found in the shed. Laura was really good as art and she created a really good looking cross, although Sophie was Jewish. I didn't say anything and we all stood around the giant hole and the cardboard coffin the held Sophie's rotting corpse in. we said our prayers and covered her in the dry dirt that lay in front of us. "May your soul rest in peace, Amen." Megan prayed. "Ha! One down." Leighanna whispered to herself. luckily no one heard her. except me. I decided not to say anything whilst it was happening. after we were done, we went inside to make sure the rest of the place was secure I used wood I found next to the open fire to board up the windows. we pulled the long, heavy pull out bed/sofa over in front of the door just to be extra safe. it was a 4 bedroom house 2 bedrooms had a double bed, one had 2 single beds and the other had just a single bed. "I think that our newcomers should get a room to themselves, they need the space as a family. I don't mind which room I get and I don't mind sharing with someone." I said. " I don't mind sharing either!" Kian said. "Okay Kian, but were top and tailing." I said laughing. "can I have my own bed, I don't mind being in a room with another person as well."Megan said. "Leighanna is on her own in the single room!" I said. no one questioned me. Sinead ended up with the downstairs pull out bed and Francesca ended up with Megan.

It was getting dark and most people started to go up to sleep."Sinead, if you hear anything, Anything! Just scream, I'm a light sleeper anyway." I said. she nodded back at me. Leighanna was in front of me. I slowly followed her into her bedroom with a small kitchen knife. I closed the door behind me. She looked back at me. "what are you doing?" she asked. I paused. I grabbed her by the throat and put her on the wall "What the hell are you playing at smith ?!" I whispered angrily. She started to turn red as a squeezed her neck tighter. she started to choke. I removed my hand and replaced it with the knife. "Answer me!" I yelled. " I don't know what your on about!" she said like she didn't know. "At the funeral! What was 'haha one down!' all about, do you actually think I didn't hear that?" she paused. "I know your secret Alfie!" she randomly replied. "what secret?" i asked. "oh, you know!" she replied...

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