r²π : infinite love

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Characters :

· Adrienne Llynne Redfield – Yoon | Yoon Ha Neul (Ally, Lly, Haneul, Liebe)

· Heizel Monique Choy | Choy Hee Seul (Heeseul, Seullie, Niq)

· Marie Angeline Lee | Lee Eun Mi (Em, Emmy, Delph, Eunmi)

· Charissa Anjonet Quing | Quing Caijin (Chai)

· Nesica Christine Lau | Lau Xingmi (Nessie, Sica)

· Melvin Christopher Lau | Lau Xianhua (Vince, Vin)

· Michael Kwon | Kwon Jiyeong (Mikee, Kael)

· Jared Yu | Yu Zhoumi (Reed)

· Jasper Liang | Liang Hankyung (Jas, Jazzy)

· Kevin Shin | Shin Junsu (Kev)


Looking outside the window, naramdaman ko na nman yung ayaw ko maramdaman. Nalulungkot ako. Anyway, wala na rin naman ako magagawa kasi eto na eh, nasa plane na ako, going back to the place I vowed never to go back to again; the place where I grew-up and where my hell-on-earth is, Seoul, South Korea. Yes, yes, you’re wondering why I’m fluent in a different language, magpapaliwanag ako!

I was born in California and stayed there until I was 8 and moved to China after my parents got divorced. My mom is Natalia Xingdao, she’s Chinese-Spanish pero sa Philippines and China nakabase ang grandparents ko because of the business. My real dad is Nicholas Redfield, he’s French-American. Like my mom’s family, may business din sila dad; kanila ang Blackberry empire. Inshort, mixed breed talaga ako, parang aso lang noh? And ayun nga, bahala na silang lahat sa mga businesses nila!

My mom remarried after two years to who is now my dad, Arthur Yoon, and we moved yet again to Seoul. I stayed there until I was 18 so fluent din ako mag Korean. I decided to go to Manila because gusto ko lang change of sceneries and para makasama ko din grandparents ko- so yun nga, dun ako nag-aral sa Ateneo de Manila University and dun na rin natuto mag tagalog although not fluent. My parents decided na it’s for the best na din. Only child ako, sa real parents ko though now, I have a little brother sa real dad ko – pero sa step dad ko, it’s just me; kaya super close ako sa kanila pareho ni mom. Ako yung princess ng empire nila, Yoon Group of Companies- one of the biggest tycoons not only in Asia but sa buong mundo, pero I had to leave dahil na rin sa reasons ko kanina. Yun nga lang, two years later, eto na naman ako, on the plane going back to Korea.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we are now on our final descent. We shall be landing at the Incheon International Airport in 10 minutes.”

Ayan na, eto na. Looking out the window of my first class seat, I saw the flickering Seoul late afternoon lights. I keep forgetting how beautiful this place is. Kahit naman siguro ideny ko pa, it’s still obvious na sobrang namiss ko ang Korea. This was my home afterall.

“The plane has reached its full stop. You may now disembark to the terminal. Thank you for choosing Korea Air as your airline of choice. Kamsahamnida, yorobun!”

I stood up and grabbed my carry-on bag. I could’ve taken the private jet from Manila to Seoul pero sinabi ko kay appa na wag na lang- besides, mas masaya din naman mag public plane eh, maraming tao, maraming distractions. I didn’t bring any luggage because all my clothes back in the Philippines will be useless against the Korean Winter. Bibili na lang ako bukas or whatever! September na rin kasi, start na halos ng new semester sa school- may uniform naman so di na ako mahihirapan mamili.

Gathering all my thoughts and shanking my head to get rid of unwanted ones, I stepped towards the platform and started walking to the terminal.

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