*Warning, this chapter includes content that is considered Rated R; This chapter is extremely graphic and in-detail . Enter at your own risk. Cause, I'm bout to be on my 50 Shades of Gray y'all ;)*

-Indiana's POV-

I finally had the house to myself for the night. My parents had to pull an all-nighter on their jobs. So, I was just chilling around in my boy shorts waiting for Prince to come over. Ten minutes later, my doorbell rang and Prince smiled at me, holding a bag from the Louis Vuittion store. I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him.

"Hey Baby. I got you something " He smiled widely.

"Really?" I squealed.

I let him inside and closed the door behind him. I sat on the couch and he handed me the gift. I opened it and found a Louie V backpack. I grinned from ear to ear. How did he know I wanted this?!?!?

"Ahhh thank you SO much babe! !" I walked over to him and kissed him.

The kissing went from cute little pecks, to long lustful lingering kisses. We moved from the middle of the living room to my room upstairs. Never breaking the kiss, Prince gently laid me down on the bed. He stopped kissing my lips and began kissing my neck. My legs trembled as he found my weak spot. He left a wet kiss there, and then began sucking on it. I arched my back in pleasure and let out a moan. I could feel he's

smiling, because his teeth began nibbling at my neck. My neck tingled as he kept sucking on my neck until there was a large hickey there. He traced his tongue around the hickey and started down to my earlobe. He nibbled on it for a little while, and then started kissing my shoulders.

He looked up at me with those beautiful caramel eyes and I nodded. He lifted the shirt over my head and stopped to admire me. He kissed me again. First. He cupped my breast. Then, the made his way to the back of my bra and unhooked it. I smiled and began taking off his shirt. He licked his lips and stared directly at my boobs. I bit my lip and winked at him.

He laid down on top of me and kissed me with more passion, more love, more .... romance. We wrestled with eachother, but Prince always ended on top. However, it gave me the advantage of taking off his jeans. He smiled as I gasped at the bulge forming outside of his Polo boxers.

"Love me like you doooo. Love me like you spool. Like you do. Hold me tight and don't let go...." my phone sang.

I got up, put on my top and answered it.

"IM MOVING BITCHES!" Shouted an ecstatic Ray.

I put him on speakerphone and Prince and I laughed as he fangirled. Ray had wanted to move from South Central for a long time.

"Where? " Prince asked, fully dressed.

"Lakefield County!!!"

"YESSSS!" I squealed.

I knew exactly where Ray was gonna live. I can't believe his family was buying the "party house" in Lakefield County.

The party house is where most movie directors shoot party scenes. Its because the house is so big and has so many beautiful features that they shoot them all there.

"Haha. So we'll be neighbors? "

"Pretty much." I giggled.

"I'm gonna miss Roc tho." Ray said a bit sad.

"Yeah...y'all got really close over the past couple months. I'm glad y'all worked stuff out." Prince said.

"Same. But, anyway, I gotta go for dinner. My dad's home from Iraq."

"Oh, wow. That's amazing Ray! Well, Imma let you go to dinner."

"Actually, I wanted to know if everyone could come over so y'all could meet my family."

I looked at Prince and he nodded. "Alright. We'll be there in 20."

"Okay, bye y'all "

"BYEE " We heard a high-pitched voice in the background.

Prince laughed, "Aye, Chres "

"Wassuhh? " Roc said.

"I can't. See y'all in a few." I giggled.

I hung up the phone and laughed with Prince.

"They are too silly!" I giggled.

"Word." He replied.

He then scooted close to my ear, "We'll finish this later" he nibbled on my earlobe once more and walked out my room


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