Chapter 25: Everyone makes mistakes, forgive mine

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As I'd missed so much school, I decided to stay for an hour after school to catch up on my art, the only class I actually cared about.

Mr. James left the room open so after English I went there and began making the wire sculpture I should have made with the rest of the class.

I managed to stab myself and when I looked at my index finger, blood coming to the surface.

I stuck it in my mouth and tasted the copper saltiness on my tongue, lets just say I wouldn't make a very good vampire.

"What have you done?" Blake asked, strolling in and plunking himself on the stool beside mine, our knees touching. I shifted mine away.

"Don't you have a life?" I asked him, he ignored me and took my hand, looking at my finger before kissing it.

"There, it stopped bleeding" he said lacing our fingers together.

"Was that just an excuse to hold my hand?" pulling my hand away and turning back to my sculpture. I admit, I was amused at his confidence.

"What's that?" he asked, pointing at my wire work. I figured that if I ignored him he'd only become more annoying, that was the last thing I wanted.

"Statue of Liberty" nodding at the picture I was working from.

"It's really good"

I looked at him dryly "It can't be that good if you couldn't tell what it was"

"Where were you for the past like week?"

I shrugged, bending pieces of wire for the skirt part. "I missed you" he said in that silky voice of his, yet it did nothing to me.

"I didn't miss you, that's for sure", he grinned at that "I definitely missed your sarcastic remarks"

"Don't you have like the whole cheer squad chasing after you?" now twisting the pieces together.

"Are you jealous?"

"Why don't you go and hassle them?"

"Because they're not as hot as you. They're like pussy cats but you're like a panther with that long black hair of yours."

I couldn't help myself, I laughed "You are such a player Blake"

"I've had experience. Let me show you a few things" he said, his voice in my ear. "Perv" I said pushing him away.

"Just give in Kat" that voice in my ear again.

"Reed's meeting me here in ten minutes so if I were you I'd leave, now"

He responded with flicking my ponytail so it swung wildly then said "What's he got that I don't have?"


"Cute" his hand going up my leg. I was wearing a short skirt as well and pushed his hand away, dropping my work and turning to face him.

"What do I have to do to get you to leave me alone?"

"Nothing much" he said leaning toward me, his eyes on my lips. I got his meaning.

"Is that all?" it seemed a small price to pay for some peace.

"Yes, I swear" and let him come closer until all I could see was his face.

I didn't close my eyes while being kissed by Blake, only wanting it to end.

The whole thing was ok and I kissed him back mainly for something to do as it dragged on for what felt like hours.

He was enjoying himself way too much when his hands began making their way upwards until I pushed them away.

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