11: this is iconic shit

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yourmomshoe: but i hope i was your favorite crime

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thatgaywhore: i'll uber eats you mcdonald's
yourmomshoe: u don't have to do that but ty

jcookie.monster: text me whenever you need to ramble. i'll listen 🫶🏻🫶🏻
yourmomshoe: will do jcookie 🫶🏻🫶🏻

zendayaswife: wanna ft?
yourmomshoe: maybe later, i don't wanna talk to anyone rn 🫶🏻
zendayaswife: i understand take ur time 🫶🏻

sierraskittles: i hate seeing you like this
yourmomshoe: yeah me too

mattyb: i want happy gia back
yourmomshoe: you're not the only one ml

giopher: i hate seeing her like this

usernamefive: she's acting like they were a couple 💀

usernametwo: this breaks my heart fr

lego.mann: i'm coming over and u cannot say no
yourmomshoe: fine.

nickychicky: come to our house later we miss u!!
yourmomshoe: do i have to?
nickychicky: yes.

usernametwenty: i love seeing her miserable
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natejacobssister: stay strong girly!
jcookie.monster: two faced bitches! we're crazy for them 😍😍

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imessage !

matt and sierra's kids 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

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