Chapter 1

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My life has been the same from when I can remeber it.Everyday I woke up early in the morning then do the house works.Then attend my online classes then make food for my mother and hearing all her taunts like I am useless, ungrateful and how I should had never born.

I don't know about my father.Once when I was 5 I asked my mother about him.In return of my question I only got beating and some hurtful words.I guess my father was someone my mother doesn't wants to talk about.

She never lets me go out of the house so thats why I attelnd online classes.I have completed my hotel managment degree and currently I am in my last sem of the MBA degree.

'Where are you whore and where is my food you useless slut' By this voice I was bought back from my lala land.I rush downstairs and found my mother standing their.'I am sorry ma'am I forget' I said without seeing in her eyes.'You forget you whore, slut.Because of you I have to suffer this much.You are the reason behind all this and  today I will teach you how you should never forget things' She said.

She came towards me and hold me from my hair and dragged me towards the kitchen ''am please...aa..leave me...aahh I' I said stuttering but nothing worked she took my hand and started the stove and shoved my hand in the fire. ''am.' I pleaded her but nothing work.'Scream as much as you want it feels music to my ears' she said..

I kept crying and pleading her but nothing worked after like ages she let go of my hand and pushed me on my face.' listen you useless slut clean everything before I return  or you know what I can do with you' She said and left the house.

'Why god why,I can't have an normal life.I never asked you for many things I just asked for an happy life.A happy family.But I got non.I have not once saw the world outside this house.I really want to see the trees,parks,mountains,etc before I die.Please god show some mercy' I said and cried till the time sleep took over me.

When I woke up I saw it was already the next day.I was scared that if mom finds out I have not done any work she will again beat me.So I got up and went to the sink as I was already in the kitchen.As I opened the tap and kept my hand under it a shrik came out my mouth 'Aahhh' then I realised that my hand was burned.But I couldn't afford another beating so I ignored it and countinued my work.

After 2 hours I finally compeleted my all works my hand was paining like hell but I couldn't get any help as I don't know the way to the hospital and the door was locked from outside.

I was just thinking of all this things when their was a knock on the door.It can't be mom as she have the keys.So I went to the door and asked ''

'Sweety we are from the police department can you open the door for us' A lady said from the other side.'So...rr..y  bu....t...I..can't' I replied suttering.

'Ohk sweety no problem can you please move little far from the door so we can open the door' She said.'Ye..Yes' I said and moved away from the door and it openned with.I saw a lady and  a man dressed in police uniform.

'Sweety we want to talk to you about your mom so can you have a sit and then I will tell you about her' the man said and I just nodded. 'Ohk sweety so this morning  your mother's car met with an accident and your mother is no more' she said with pity.

What mom is dead I am free from all thsi I can go outside.I can live a normal life.But my mother.I was crying but also their was a relife that now I am free.'Now a orpanage' I asked the officer as I was 17.

'No dear we have contacted your father about this and he is very happy and excited to have you so now can you go and pack your things so we can drop you at the airpot were you will meet your brother in some hours' She said.

'Brother Father Airpot were I' I asked.

'Yes dear you have a brother and 6 brothers  and you are going to india' She said.We live in Dubai. I just was shocked and narvous that will they be same as my mother.Will they also will keep in a closed house.

'Aarvi, Aarvi dear' The lady officer said and that bought me back from my lala land and I went to my room and packed teh very few things I have. And as I came with my bag.The officer asked 'Is this all you have'
I just nodded.'Aarvi why are you hiding your hand' The officer who I think notice my hand which I was hiding from them.'Nothing' I said and they just nodded.

As we come out of the house a sunray heat my face and I look everywhere and saw how beautiful the world is.I came out of the house after years.The officer nudged me to seat in the car and woth that we started our journey to the airpot.

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