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"I won't let you make yourself do this"


"I'm not making myself do this Caide!" You yelled and he just stared off at the other side of the room. "All you've been doing is arguing with me since you got back! I don't care if Vice is listening.."

You plopped down on the ground, with your knees on the floor as Caide stood above you.

"I won't make you do anything Caide.." you mumbled as he walked closer.

He squatted down to your level but you didn't look up at him.

"You really love me?" he asked ignoring your words.

You looked down refusing to reply.
Caide pulled the back of your hair and made you look into his eyes.

A smirk formed on his face as he brought his head closer. "You love me?"
"I take it back now let go of me!"
"No.. you love me?" he grinned as he held a ball of your hair.
"Yes now let go!"
"You love me huh?" he continued a bit sadisticly as he narrowed his eyes.

Your face was hot as he held you in the awkward position.

"You love me? Come on say it again.. I want to hear it come out of your pretty little mouth~"

This guy is insane!? Didn't he just say.. ugh! Stupid Caide.. make up your mind!

He pushed you against the flat of the bed, still holding your hair.
"You just couldn't drop it could you? You think I'm submissive don't you? That you're gonna be the one in charge if we have sex? You think I'm nervous?" he continued on a bit overbearing.

Your face flushed as he looked at you with a bit of resentment.

"You're so virtuous the word sex makes you blush.. and you think just because I'm a shaman I'll let up space for you? Y/n I told you already I don't believe in love but I will admit I like you.." his words were starting to become hurtful again. "I've told you.. I won't let you do something you're not prepared for because you love me.. that doesn't matter"

He smirked again bringing your lips closer to his.

"Well it does matter~ But if you swear you're ready. If you swear you're not making yourself do anything. Go ahead and say 'I love you Caide' and I'll agree to the shaman finalization. I'll give you the best sex of your life if you say you love me again" Caide promised staring into your soul.

You gulped but he didn't let you move.
He didn't give you time to think.

You thought you truly did know Caide.
The act he put on.. but you weren't expecting such an ultimatum.

"B-But if you don't want too.."
"Oh trust me Y/n, I want too. Just not like this. Now while there's a spirit in my body and you feel like you have too. So go on.. tell me you love me if you're ready"

You just stared at him with a frown.

Ugh.. asshole. Dammit why does he always have to be right??

"I thought so.." he stood up with a sigh as he rolled his neck, "We need to rest. We're going to your parents house tomorrow"
"What?! I don't want too!"
"Well you will! We're gonna find out what really happened to Vice so he can get the closure and move on.."

Caide helped you off the ground and on to the bed.

"Well.. doesn't mean we can't sleep in the same bed.." you huffed and he gave you a look.
"What does.. fine Y/n. Scoot over"

He hopped in the bed after cutting off the lights.
You couldn't help but blush as he wrapped his arms around you from behind.

You were internally screaming as you hid your smile but you knew he noticed.

"No funny business.. be a good girl tonight" he whispered in your ear as if his already smooth voice didn't give you goosebumps.
"Shut up.. you're doing that on purpose"
"Doing what?" he pulled you closer.
"No funny business Caide.." you told him quietly and you heard him laugh.
"I know.."

You both laid in the dark for awhile. He was the first to fall asleep as you stayed awake.
Usually, you couldn't sleep.
At all.

It wasn't by choice.
But as you turned and snuggled your head into his chest, you felt your nerves subside.
And finally you fell asleep.



You turn quickly looking into the deeper part of the woods.
You hold your phone in your hand as you beam the flash around the darkness which was not lit up by moonlight.

Your hands feel wet and you look down to see they were painted red with blood.


You drop the phone as you try to wipe the blood on your uniform.

The sound of demons growling can be heard as you scatter to your phone.

You yelp in pain at your wrist.

The pink bead bracelet Caide had gave you was shattered.
You snatch every bead jewelry item off your body and throw it to the ground, including the cherry blossom bracelet Vice gave you.

"Awe.. sweetheart? Why would you want to do that?" you turn to Vice floating with a small smile.
"What.. what's going on?!" you question frantic and he soothes your worries.
"It's a dream.. calm down"
"Who's blood is this?"
"Take a guess" Vice shrugs and helps you up, "You miss me yet? I heard you tell him you love him.. do you really mean that?"

You had snatched the beads off but somehow he was still visible?

Vice was back in his transparent form and now you could see his soft complexion again.
The way he wore a pout but had sinister bright eyes.

His faded, translucent blue uniform looked the same as usual as he floated closer.

"Yes.." you say looking to the side.
"Then why didn't you say you love him again? Hm? Was it because of me? Were you hesitant because if me? Because if so.." he grabs you by the face gently, "That would make me reallyyyyy happy~"
"Leave me alone Vice.." you sigh and he frowns.
"I-It's okay! Really I'm used to being the second choice. It's just since I had you first.. you're mine. Only mine. Don't you understand sweetheart?"

You flinch as the growls of the demons inch closer.

"I don't care about moving on.. I only care about you~ You have less than 24 hours until I can really speak to you again" he grins but you're distracted by the rustling of bushes.
"So is this real? Really me talking to you?" You ask anxiously.
"So tell me Y/n.. who's kisses are better. His.." he floats to your other ear, "Or mine~"


You shot up with a gasp and Caide woke up with you.

"What's wrong?!" he asked as you tried to catch your breath.
"We.. we need to hurry"


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