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" STOP THE SHIP!!!" Shouted Elena's voice and suddenly the air ship was stopped so abruptly that Libra fell over onto the floor, she winced in pain and checked her knee which was now bleeding, just great.

" Is everyone good?" Asked Scorpio.

" Somewhat," muttered Pisces who had fallen over and hit his head.

They were being chased by a dragon...

And not just any dragon, the dragon was so scaly and spiky that Libra could never finish counting all the spikes, it could breath fire but lava poured from its mouth as well, its wings were as big as one of the mini ships aboard their airship but it's teeth were razor sharp along with its claws which had hit into the airship multiple times, if they didn't land soon the airship would spiral out of control and the zodiacs would die.

" Come on Scorpihoe!" Shouted Aries trying to sound encouraging but the nickname made Scorpio scowl at Aries.

" I'm too young and handsome to die!" Shouted Leo as the dragon hit its heavy wing on the airship making the situation even worse.

Then Libra got an idea, " Be right back!"

The others called to her but she ran to the deck and began to climb up the mast, thank goodness she was good at climbing because with the ship flying out of control and the dragon it was hard to climb up but Libra was doing it. She finally reached the top as the rain came down harder making Libra drenched in water. The dragon roared and Libra knew that now was the time to do something.

Her storm powers were quite extraordinary and when Libra conjured up a storm, no one could beat, well maybe the other zodiacs but whatever. Libra used her storm powers to create clouds so strong that they attacked the dragon. Of course you should know that clouds are extremely heavy! Just a regular cloud you see in the sky can weight 1.1 million pounds! Stop nerding out Libra! Libra scolded herself.

The second the force of the cloud hit the dragon well let's just say the dragon never came back again. Libra climbed back down the mast and rushed over to the others who already had a towel waiting for her. As Libra warmed back up by the fire Scorpio had gotten the airship to land and they were all having a meeting in their comfy meeting room.

" A lots broken, including our canons," said a worried Scorpio.

" We had canons!" Exclaimed Aries.

" Yeah keep up man," said Leo rolling his eyes and leaning his head on Virgo's shoulder.

" We need someone to fix it, I'm not the best at-

" I'll do it!" Said Jason eagerly.

" You sure kid?" Asked Scorpio with a raised eyebrow. Libra rolled her eyes.

" If he says he can do it he can do it Scorpi," said Libra.

" Fine, also don't call me that," said Scorpio with an annoyed glare while Libra grinned at her.

" We can set up the device here, but the problem is we can't wait, we have no time to wait so we have to travel with the mini ships in groups for now," said Jameson holding the device in his hands.

" Splitting up? Again?" Complained Leo.

" We'll be fine, so when should we leave?" Asked Virgo crossing his arms.

Jameson looked up at them all, "Now."


" Alright how does this thing work?" Asked Scorpio taking it from Jameson, she still didn't completely trust him and Scorpio wasn't sure about any of the others except for the zodiacs.

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