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Just My Imagination

A/n; This Chapter Will Contain Slightly Explicit Content

《A/n; This Chapter Will Contain Slightly Explicit Content》

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LaMelo Ball
January 10th, 2018
Chino Hills, California


"Yo Melo you good?" Don asked me, patting me on the back. I was till breathing kind of hard from running from Manda. "Yeah you was running awful fast" Quan added on.

"Yeah I'm good" I waved them off and we started talking. "Melo so who's that girl you was running from this morning?" I turned to Quan, giving him most of my attention.

"Oh Man... Manda is full woman bro" I licked my lips and clapped my hands. "Yo she can cook, clean, got a great personality, and she a milf" I smiled at them both who were standing their, wide eyes.

"Nigga yo light bright ass pulled that?" Don said, almost as he was shocked. "personally, if that was me I would never let someone doubt who I could pull" I rolled my eyes at the two, and made my way to First Period"


Me and the guys were sitting at lunch when Ashley and Kaliah came up to us. "Hey Melo" Ashley smiled, wrapping her arms around my neck.

"Hello?" I questioned, unwrapping her arms from around me. I don't know why she thought that was okay seeing as she cheated on me LAST WEEK.

"babeeee you're still mad at me?" she whined. I glanced at Don and Quan who were trying to hold in their laughs. "It's LaMelo to you, and you literally cheated on me intentionally"

I pushed her farther away from me. "So yes I am still mad about that and whatever we had is done forever" I saw her eyes fill with tears as she spoke again. "But we're good for each other Melo"

"Once again, LaMelo, and all good things come to an end" the bell rung, letting us know lunch was over. "Hopefully I won't see you again today" I got up and walked away from the table and made my way to 5th period.


"Melo you gotta go home" Manda told me as soon as I walked in the house. "Why?" I asked, taking Deuce from her. "Your dad has to talk to you about something.. G said it's important."

I furrowed my eyebrows and put Deuce in his playpen. "Oh.." I grabbed my bookbag and walked towards the door, where she stood. "Don't think I forgot about earlier Amanda"

She froze and I walked out the door. On my walk home, I started to think about life. I really like Amanda on a real note. I know if we got together now it would be a case, but nobody has to know.

Soon, I arrived at the Ball estate. "I'm Home!" I yelled throughout the house, setting my bookbag by the door. "In the dining room son!" I took of my shoes and made my way there.

Dad and Gelo were already seated. I took a seat across from Gelo and waited for someone to speak. "Melo I'm taking you out if school and you're going to Lithuania"

I sat in silence trying to process what he said. "And Gelo's going too" I stood up from my chair, looking my dad dead in the eyes. "Your lying right? Funny Joke" I started laughing. "Melo I'm serious, pack your stuff the flight is saturday Morning"

My jaw dropped and so did Gelo's. "Dad- what about my bestfriend.. I can't just leave her.. She just had a fucking baby!" Gelo tried to persuade him but it wasn't working. "I'm going back to Man's house" I mumbled angrily,  getting up from the table.

"LaMelo!" I ignored my father and slipped on my slides. I stormed out the door and started the walk back. I can't believe he did this without my word.

I knocked on the door, realizing I left my keys at home. She opened the door with a smile, which soon turned to a frown. "Melo What's wrong? Why are you crying" She brought me in the house and to the living room.

I didn't even know I was crying. She laid on the couch and I laid on top of her. "My dads making me and G go to Lithuania for Basketball." I felt her breath hitch while her hands naturally found their way into my hair.

"Lithuania? That's all the way across the Atlantic" I nodded slowly. "I know.. I don't wanna leave you by yourself with Deuce and neither does G" I glanced over at the playpen but he wasn't there. "Wait where is he" I asked her sitting up on the couch.

"Zo came and got him so he could practice for Baby Zo" I just nodded and laid back down. I turned so my face was in the crook of her neck. "So its just us here?"

I felt a smirk rise onto my face. "Yeah why" she's so fucking clueless. I moved a bit closer to her neck, and started to leave a trail of light kisses. "Melo..." she tried to move her neck away from me, but I grabbed, it keeping it in place.

Her breathing got heavier, and her cheeks gained a pinkish tent. I bit down and sucked on her neck gently, leaving one or two hickeys behind. I was going to continue but she pushed me off.

"Melo your only 16, I could go to Jail" I groaned and rolled onto the floor. "Why do I have to be 16 man.. I can't wait 2 years." She laughed and shrugged her shoulders.  "Its technically not a full 2 years you turn 17 this year right."

I lowkey forgot it was 2018. "I guess your right... does that mean I can give you head for your birthday" I said, receiving a slap on my neck. "Nigga legal age of consent here is 18"

I grabbed my phone a looked up something. "Well it's 16 in Lithuania" she looked at me and rolled her eyes. "Melo we don't live there"

I groaned and stood up from the floor. "Why don't you like me back Man" I fake cried, looking up at the ceiling. "Melo you play to much"

I laughed and walked to the kitchen, grabbing a water from the fridge. "Who said I was playing"


So um... school just started back up and I don't really have time to make knew chapter SOO if i do end up publishing chapter constantly I may take a little break.

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