Chapter 25

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I sat down opposite to what I thought could be a family. "Is this your house?" I asked. "No, we saw your friends go in and we thought we could live if you could protect us. We are pretty much useless right now, we don't know what's going on and we have just lived in some of these house for a while." The man said. "You guys look okay and you seem no threat to us, I don't see why you could stay with us!" I replied. "Thank you so much!" The woman said. "So who are you guys?" Megan asked. "My name is Tom, this is my wife Sara and these are our two children, Lauren and Laura." Tom said politely. "We haven't killed many of those thing, only the ones we needed to. If we didn't we would all be dead." Sara said in her French accent. "Oh your French?" I asked. "Yeah!" She replied. "That's cool, I use to have a friend from France back at my old school. "The kids don't have the accent, they have an English accent, we were here on holiday when this started. Go on kids say hi, don't be shy!" Sara said. "Hi!" Lauren and Laura shyly spoke. I knelt down to them and said "Everything is going to be fine, were going to get a nice house and build a big town just for us and were going to find a cure for all this madness okay." "Thank you, I cant take it anymore!" Laura said quietly. I smiled at her. "Ok lets get this place safe for tonight. Sophie, take the sword and see if its safe upstairs. check everywhere and check it three times. Got it!?" I demanded. These kids were the only thing keeping me sane, I had to make sure they were safe. I don't know why but I just do. "Ahh!" Sophie shouted. I ran upstairs with a gun and I saw that a zombie was on top of her . the sword was far away from her as well. Bang! I shooted my gun at the head of the zombie. Sophie was screaming in agony. "I've been bit!" She pulled down her top slightly and I saw a gaping hole in her shoulder revealing her bone. she closed her eyes and stopped breathing. I pick up the sword and say "Rest in peace!" I then put it through her skull. "Sorry!" I said whilst a tear races down my face.

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