[Don't Leave Me]

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I beg
-- Kim Rok Soo


Basen had only ever watched Cale from the sidelines, metaphorically, they had never been so close, but not so far away either.

Cale just let whatever Basen tried to push him, a brother who was nonchalant but never really pushed him away.

Even if the rumors out there were true, that Cale was rude and all his frills, Basen still couldn't shake off the image of a brother who, despite being awkward, was a good brother.

So it was worrying that Cale was sick. To a critical level, seeing from so many hours the healer came to check.

Basen didn't get any details on what kind of pain Cale was, only the depressed look on Deruth's face when he came out of Cale's room was enough to make things clear.

With careful steps and a little haste, Basen approached Deruth who had just closed the door.

"Father, is hyungnim okay?" There was no need for long-winded formalities for Basen when it came to the health of his brother or the rest of his family. They know it's not needed on Henituse.

His father hesitated for a moment, before deciding to grip his shoulders. The weight of his father's hand for a moment made Basen doubt what his father would say.

“We still don't know what happened to Cale,” Deruth sighed, the frustration he tried to hide but failed, “but you know, I will do anything until he's okay.”

No guarantees here, but Basen found himself nodding.

"Could I see him?"

Deruth bit his lip, avoiding looking directly at the question as the question rolled in.

"That's going to be tough, but I'll have Ron update you if it's possible."

"I understand."

There was no reason to press, but Basen must have felt the emotion rising from his chest.


Cale knew there shouldn't be anything wrong, just why was his body so heavy? On top of that his head actually spins if he sits down or even lifts his head a little. He could only sleep all day, even as his body heat tried to roast his back.

It was terrible, even more terrible when the blood started filling him up the umpteenth time and came out so much when he coughed. He wasn't sure how all the blood appeared when it was clear that he didn't feel it coming, when it didn't hurt at all. Only he vomited blood not knowing where it came from.

This gave him significant discomfort. Especially since there was his family's genuine concern echoing around him. He wasn't sure if the others would see him, but he could clearly hear the horrific conversations going on between Basen and his father that he wished he could throw out the window. So extremely uncomfortable, Cale wanted to scratch it and get rid of all this nonsense.

Receiving affection was no longer a necessity for him after all this time, even from Ron who was obviously worried about him.

It irritated badly because Cale was completely fine. He wants to wake up and tell everyone. However, he couldn't even open his eyes properly, for god's sake.

"Don't push yourself, Young Master." Another rebuke from Ron.

"I've been sleeping too long, Ron."

Cale wanted to sit down at least, even though the world immediately tilted, his eyes were firefly, and he wasn't sure where he was staring.

Ron looked very disapproving but still helped him get up and sit down.

It took a long time for Cale to adjust to the spinning world. Even after a few minutes of silence he could still feel the painful throbbing that felt like someone had placed a loudly ticking bomb on his head.

He barely noticed his hands rising into the air and gripping his hair until Ron stopped the action.

"I don't think it would be good for you to sit down, Young Master." Ron rebuked him, again.

"I don't want to sleep."

His back burned every time he slept on his back. His body heat had reached intolerable levels. Very uncomfortable.


On the other side of the world, or let's say a dimension, that discomfort has penetrated the mind of an ordinary office man, with his days off at stake to only finish about five volumes of adventure fantasy books to satisfy his own whims.

The uneasiness arose when the heat he normally got from activating his ability didn't feel like his usual heat.

It felt more like biting, he was like being squeezed by invisible hands trying to shrink his body, so the man stopped.

He put his book on the table and intended to get the sleep he desperately needed.

He didn't expect the feeling of the soft mattress to be replaced by the rough feeling of the tiny pebbles sticking around his back. Wanted to make sure that this was real and he wasn't thrown somewhere by monster attack that happened suddenly, the man opened his eyes.

"Where is this?" It came out as a question that sounded foreign to his own ears, to be exact, "What--? What happened to my voice?"

He sounded younger, clutching his own throat the man noticed to his horror that his hands were shrinking.

In addition to the very unfamiliar sight of the forest, his body shrinking to the size of a teenager if he didn't miscalculate had made him panic a little. Or so he wanted to claim, because after all he was calmer than he wanted to be. Unfortunately calm doesn't mean he doesn't have other emotions to mix in.

He was annoyed, whoever is responsible for all this bullshit, he will make sure to hit them one day, however impossible that sounds.


Luckily for him, the residential area wasn't that far from where he had landed, but the black smoke billowing into the air from behind the stone wall that he had found an hour later was not a good sign.

Weighing the pros and cons of peeking behind a wall, the man decided it wouldn't hurt to just take a peek and he could always back off if things turned out to be complicated.

Even though his body had shrunk, the man knew that his strength had not dissipated as he had previously thought. After walking for an hour to find this wall he apparently still has the energy to climb this 10 meter high stone wall.

It took some adjusting to his body's new condition, but once he managed to steady his grip, it wasn't hard to get to the top. When he turned his attention away from the handle and behind the wall, what greeted him was a simple village with ancient European-style buildings lined haphazardly in his vision, complete with flames still burning here and there, as well as scattered corpses.

The man's pupils quivered at the carnage that seemed to have just finished in front of him, unfortunately, more than that, an eye with black irises that caught his presence on the wall made him flinch. How the young man's anger sent him with significant goosebumps.

...To Be Continued...


See you tomorow~

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