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"What do you think you're gonna do? Attack them with a lamp?"

THE GROUP OF FOUR had made it to the school and were currently walking the halls. The sound of Robin's voice could be heard coming for it as it sat in Dustin's hand.

"Dustin, do you copy?" The blonde woman asked through the small device, Dustin immediately responding. "Yeah, I copy."

"So, Nancy's a genius. Vecna's first victims date back all the way to 1959. Her shot in the dark was a bull's-eye." Robin informed the group about the new information she and Nancy had found. "1959?" Fiona asked no one in particular quietly.

"Okay, well, that's totally bonkers, but I can't really talk right now." Dustin told the girl as the group walked quickly down the hall.

"What are you doing?" Robin asked the curly-headed boy, confused. "Breaking and entering school to retrieve confidential and extremely person files." Dustin informed her.

"Technically we aren't breaking into school we're only entering it, we aren't breaking anything." Fiona shrugged making Steve look at her. "That's not how it works."

"Can you repeat that?" Robin asked, speaking to Dustin. "Just get your ass over here, stat. We'll explain everything."

Dustin put the radio device away as the group came to a stop outside Ms Kelley's office. Max shoved the key that she had stolen from the woman into the door making it open.

The group quickly walked into the place, looking around. "It's like a mini- Watergate or something." Dustin told them.

The sound of a draw opening could be heard making Dustin, Fiona and Steve all turn their heads over to Max who was busy looking through all the files. "Hawkinsgate." Dustin said.

"Didn't those guys get caught?" Steve asked the boy curiously. "Holy shit."Max said, pulling out a file.

"Did you find it?" Fiona asked the girl, looking at the file in her hand. "Yeah, but not just Chrissy's file. Fred was seeing Ms Kelley too." Max told them also pulling out Fred's file.

All of the friends looked at each other. Not saying anything, they rushed over to the table placing down Chrissy's file before opening it and reading through what Ms Kelley had written down.

"Can I see Fred's file?" Max asked the Harrington girl who was busy holding it. "Yeah." Fiona quickly handed the redhead the file.

The ginger girl didn't say anything or move. Concerning everyone else in the room. "Max? What is it?" Dustin asked the girl.

"Hey, Max!" The girl put her hand on Max's shoulder slightly shaking her. "Are you okay? Max?" The girl kept trying.

The girl didn't move. It was like she was stuck in some sort of trance.

"Do you think you'd be able to tap into her mind or something?" Dustin asked the magical girl, starting to panic.

Before the girl could even respond, Max snapped out of her trance and immediately ran out of the room.

The three immediately ran out of the room after the girl, finding Max standing in the hall shining her flashlight at the wall. Right then, Robin and Nancy came running around the corner immediately stopping when they saw the group.

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