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"I don't have a crushy wushy."

STEVE, DUSTIN AND FIONA all sat in the car. They had driven to Ms Kelley's house to try and find any sort of information. Max had gone inside the house with Ms Kelley since she was the only one in the group who had sessions with her.

The trio watched as the girl walked through the door, turning back to face the group before the door closed behind her. "Okay. She's in." Steve told them the obvious.

"No shit, really?" Fiona asked with a gasp making Steve roll his eyes.

"I'm missing collarbones, not eyes." Dustin told the brunette boy who didn't have bother to look at him.

"So, we gonna talk about...it?" Dustin asked hesitantly. "Huh? Sorry, talk about what?" Steve questioned the boy, confused.

"Your temporary insanity earlier today when you basically threw yourself at Nance?" Dustin told him making the boy scoff. "Okay. That's not what happened."

"That's definitely what happened." Fiona corrected him causing him to turn back and face her. "What about you?"

"What about me?" Fiona asked looking at him weirdly. "Your little crushy wushy you got going on with Eddie."

"What the fuck are you talking about? I don't have any crushy wushy going on with Eddie." Fiona told him with a scoff making him tilt his head to the side. "It's okay Eddie...we believe you. Oh, my poor Eddie beddie bo bo bear." Steve mimicked the girl's voice making her slap him.

"I do not sound like that!" The dark-haired girl told the Harrington boy with a very loud scoff. "You kinda do." Dustin shrugged.

"Just because he's..." very attractive Fiona thought. "Just because he has nice hair doesn't mean I have a crush on him." The girl groaned.

"Let's go back to talking about you and your little crushy wushy you've got going on with Nancy." The brunette spoke making Dustin nod his head.

"It was very public. A lot of witnesses." Dustin continued on from where the original conversation left off. "Are you implying I still have a thing for Nance?" Steve asked annoyingly.

"No. I'm not implying it." Dustin told him, shaking his head. "He's stating it. You've still got a crushy wushy going on for your Nancy wancy bo bo bear." Fiona laughed.

"I do not have a crushy wushy, you have a crushy wushy!" Steve exclaimed, pointing at the girl. "I do not have a crushy wushy, how many times do I have too tell you?!"

"Enough!" Dustin yelled at the pair making the stop bickering almost immediately. "You both have a crushy wushy, okay?"

"I don't have a crushy wushy." Fiona mumbled under her breath.

"As I was saying, as it relates to your steadfast refusal to date Robin, it's pretty much the only logical explanation." Dustin told the boy making him sigh.

"That's not the only one. And as for Nance, I was trying to protect a friend." Steve told the two making them scoff.

"A friend Henderson, Fiona. Okay? I don't want to find her with her eyes sucked out of her skull by this Vecna creep." Steve exclaimed loudly, slightly turning red which both Dustin and Fiona noticed.

"You're bright red in the face right now." Dustin laughed as he watched the older boy.

"No, I'm not. I don't wanna talk about it." Steve told the two teens.

"I'll punch you so hard your teeth will fall back out." Steve told him, making the whole car go quiet.

"Woah there Stevie boy." Fiona told him seriously. "Too far." Dustin also told the boy making him shake his head.

"Not cool. Sorry." The boy apologised sincerely making Dustin put his hand on his shoulder. "Not cool but it's okay."

After what felt like hours of waiting, Max quickly walked out of the house and quickly over to the car. "Here she comes. Here she comes."

The girl immediately got into the back of the car, next to Fiona. "What'd she say?" Dustin asked the redhead curiously.

"Nothing just drive." The girl instructed only for Steve to turn back and face her. "Nothing?"

"Steve, drive!" Max instructed more sternly and loudly this time, making Steve immediately drive away from the house.

"Dustin. This is Lucas, do you copy?" The sound of Lucas' voice could be heard from the walkie talkie which sat in between Max and Fiona.

Dustin immediately turned back, grabbing the talking device he immediately responded. "Lucas? Where the hell have you been?"

"Just listen." Lucas instructed the Henderson boy, "Are you guys looking for Eddie?"

"We've already found him, why?" Fiona asked, grabbing ahold of Dustin's arm and speaking into the small radio device.

"You found him?" Lucas asked although Fiona had just said that. "A boathouse on Coal Mill Road. Don't worry. He's safe."

"You guys know he killed Chrissy, right?" The Sinclair boy asked them, Fiona grabbing ahold of Dustin's arm yet again. "That's bullshit. He didn't. Eddie tried to save Chrissy."

"Then why do all the cops say he did it?" Lucas asked curiously only for Max to now grab the walkie talkie. "Lucas, you're so behind it's ridiculous, okay? Just meet us at the school. We'll explain later."

"I...I can't." The boy told them honestly, making Fiona scrunch her brows together. "What do you mean you can't?" The girl asked.

"I think some real bad shit's about to go down." Lucas told them over the radio making everyone furrow their brows. "What are you talking about? What bad shit?" Max questioned.

Nothing could be heard apart from a static noise that came from the radio. "Lucas? Lucas?" Max spoke into the device.

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