Chapter Two: Roland

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d/c - desired car

A young boy runs around in a butterfly garden while his mother watches him from a far. He tries to catch a few butterflies but trips and falls in front of a little girl.

"Maybe watch where you're going," says the girl impatiently.

"Y/n that's not a very nice thing to say," says your father.

You roll your eyes.

"Yes, dad." You walk away from your dad. You run towards the waterfall. You watch the turtles sitting on the rocks underneath the waterfall. A monarch butterfly lands on your finger. You stare at it. "Hello there. You look so beautiful." Footsteps are heard behind you. The boy stands next to you.

"Teach me how to catch a butterfly."

"First off, you have to approach them gently. It's really not that hard to do butterfly kidnapper." You gently take his hand and place the monarch butterfly on his finger.

"I am not a butterfly kidnapper."

"Sure. I am Y/n." The butterfly flies off of his finger. He shakes your hand.


"Something tells me that we are going to be good friends."

Your eyes flutter open to present time. You roll over to the side of your bed to check the time.

"What's wrong?" Roland asks. You turn over to face Roland.

Roland Atom is your best friend. He's the Frank Sinatra to your Marilyn Monroe. He has always been there for you and will never leave your side. He comes running to all of your calls. He loves you more than anything. You have known him since you were one. Milo sort of took his place as the two of you got closer but now that he's out of your life, you have gone back to being close with Roland.

"Nothing, I just had a nightmare."

"The same 'nightmare' you have been having?"


"Come here." You scoot closer to Roland. He holds you in his arms. "Everything will get better with time. You know I'll always be here for you."

"Thanks Roland. I don't know what I would do without you. You're like my rock."

"I don't know what I would do without you either Y/n. I love you so much."

"I love you so much too Roland."

"Good, now go back to sleep. I know you're tired because it's only six in the morning. We have a big day ahead of us."

"Ugh I forgot."

"And that's okay. Now go back to sleep."

You fall asleep in Roland's arms.

You and Roland wake up at nine. The both of you eat breakfast and talk about random things. Your mom loves having him over. She has always either wanted you to end up with Roland or Milo. You and Roland have both always said that everything between the two of you is platonic.

"So you want to get a ribbon to match your dress for your hair?" Roland asks.

"Yes and we also need to get you a white one."

"Do we really have to? Just because it happens in the book, doesn't mean I need to. Plus I'm spending the whole time with you."

"Don't let me stop you from dancing with all those other girls." Roland rolls his eyes.

"Well I'd rather spend the whole time at the party with my bestie for the restie."

"Don't forget about Sunny and Hartley."

Sunny Jonz and Hartley Opal are apart of your group. Hartley and Sunny are cousins who have always been best friends. They met you, Milo, and Roland seven years ago in high school. All five of you hit it off  at the start and have been friends ever since.

Sunny happens to have a rich mother who loves throwing parties. Sunny and Hartley just finished watching and reading Bridgerton. They're both obsessed with the series and decided to throw a Bridgerton themed party.

"Well that's true but they could be hanging out with Milo."

"This why I should have listened to my head and not have decided to date him."

"Calm down, you didn't know this would be the outcome. Even though I don't know what happened but I'm sure you'll tell me eventually."

"Don't hold your breath about that." You get off your chair at the kitchen table. "Let's go." Roland follows you to the door. You grab the keys hanging by the door and then open it. You both walk out to your d/c. You both hop in and you start driving to the nearest craft store.

You get there five minutes later. You walk into the store quietly. You both run to the ribbon section. You get a silvery blue ribbon.

"This should match. Now, I need to get a white ribbon for you."

"Like I've already said before, I don't need a ribbon. I'll be dancing with you all night."

"You're taking all the fun out of it." He sighs.

"Alright fine."

"Yay!!! Did I ever tell you how much I love you?" He rolls his eyes.

"I'm fully aware. I love you too, I guess." You take his hand in yours as you walk to the register. You pay for both the ribbons even though Roland insisted on paying.

A few hours pass and the both of you are almost ready.

This is your dress.

You walk down the steps to Roland, Harvey, and your mom anxiously waiting for you

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You walk down the steps to Roland, Harvey, and your mom anxiously waiting for you. You walk to Roland's side.

"Stunning as always," he whispers in your ear.

"Thanks Roland. I love your outfit." You walk over to the little table that holds his white ribbon. You notice that it has your name on it multiple times. "I cannot believe you did this! You wrote my name on all the dance appointments."

"Too bad, so sad."

"I have to get a picture of the two of you!!" Your mom interrupts.

"Mom, it's not like it's prom."

"Please! Just one photo?"

"Ugh fine." You and Roland both smile as your mom takes a photo with her phone. "Bye mom, we'll try to be back before 1am." You and Roland leave the house and get into your d/c. You drive off while Roland goes through the stations.

You both arrive at Sunny's big white mansion. You both get out of your car. Roland takes your gloved hand in his.

"I'm sure it will be a lot of fun," he says to you. "As long as you're with me."

"Yeah, as long as I am with you." The both of you walk into the house. You are met with the face you wanted to avoid all night, Milo.

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