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Name: The Perfect Duet

Author: @kpgcatlover (Kay)

What did I like about it?

The Perfect Duet is the perfect little book you want to read before you go to sleep. To start, I must say that the song choices are quite pleasant to listen to, and each song has a purpose in the story, which makes the experience that much better.

Secondly, the story-line is really good. It seems that Wattpad writers have to thing to use the same plot over and over again, however some authors do it better than others. Kay did a remarkable job at taking a cute story and making it into a memorable piece of work!

Hats off to this successful writer, and thanks!

What do I (personally) think could have been better?

The story was well written, however the songs sometimes took too much space in the chapters. To me, it felt more like a lyric-book than a story-book at times, but when the songs were over, the author managed to reel me back into the story.

Do I recommend it?


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