1.1 Chapter One: The Hellfire Club

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"Lily! Get your ass in the car we have to pick up Robin," Steve yelled up the stairs.

Lily didn't bother replying as she made her way down the stairs. She had felt uneasy this morning while getting ready for school. She was wearing her cheerleading uniform today, as there was a pep rally and the Hawkins High cheerleaders were expected to perform. She felt a little better about the pep rally considering it was to celebrate the boy's basketball team making it to the championship round of their division. When Lily found out that Lucas had made varsity, she had made sure to go to some of the home games that season. This was a huge deal for Lucas, and Lily couldn't have been more proud of him. 

"It is seven in the morning, and you're not in high school anymore Steve. I'm perfectly capable of driving me and Robin to school," Lily said.

"Yeah, well no offense, but Hargrove taught you how to drive so I'm not sure I really trust you to do that," Steve replied. The sound of his name felt like a dagger in Lily's heart. All she did was stare back at Steve coldly. She knew that Steve never got along with Billy, but he knew how Lily felt about him. He knew that Billy protected her, after all, he was there when Billy sacrificed himself to save her. 

Without another word, Lily grabbed her bag and walked out the front door to Steve's BMW. She knew better than to sit in the front, Steve always wanted Robin to sit in the front. Lily knew that this was because Steve still has a minor crush on Robin. Of course, he was accepting of Robin when she came out to him, but a part of him still hoped that maybe one day she would give him a chance. It was a short drive from the Harrington residence on Loch Nora to the Buckley residence only a few streets over. In no time, Robin was rushing out of her house and into the front seat of Steve's car.

The three greeted each other quickly and were on their way toward Hawkins High. Lily mostly kept to herself as she listened to Robin and Steve go on and on about the girls they had crushes on while Robin touched up her makeup. Steve had started seeing this girl in Lily and Robin's grade recently and would be attending the basketball game later that evening with her. The last thing Lily wanted to do was listen to them talking about their new crushes. She had been struggling with interacting with others talking to her about being in happy relationships after what happened to Billy. The only person that could relate to her on this was Max. They had talked about it a few times since Max had opened up to Lily about her breakup with Lucas. 

As they pulled into the parking lot of Hawkins High, Lily and Robin thanked Steve for the ride and proceeded towards the school entrance. Just as they were getting close, the bus had arrived with the kids who lived too far to walk. Lily had spotted Max with her headphones on from a distance and decided to make her way over to her, bidding Robin goodbye in the process. 

"Hey, Max! Wait up," Lily called after her. Max stopped in her tracks, turning around while slowly taking her headphones off. Once her eyes met Lily's, she smiled.

"Hey Lily," she replied giving her a hug. The two walked into school together, stopping at one another's lockers to get their books for their classes. This had become routine for them since the school year started. They had been through so much, but they always knew they had each other.  As they reached Max's classroom, Lily asked if she would be at the pep rally later that morning.

"Unfortunately, although I am excited to see you get tossed around like a rag doll before my guidance appointment. That will definitely take my mind off things," Max stated. Lily laughed softly at her comment before answering. 

"Are you still having headaches? Or nightmares?" Lily asked.

"Yeah, it's been pretty rough. That's what I'm going to guidance to talk about actually," she replied.

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