He just smiled at the thought before going somewhere inside Casita.

But he was wrong about one thing.

You hadn't fallen for his trap at all that's right.

But you wouldn't let him win without a fight.


Once you entered your room, you immediately leaned your back against the door, placing your hand on your heart, immediately you started breathing heavily.

Because that wasn't Camilo, and you knew it, you knew it perfectly.

He didn't smile as warmly as your Camilo, he didn't rubbed your hair like he did before lunch, and he didn't blush as usual when you kissed him on the cheek.

Not to mention the chills you felt down your spine every time he looked at you or took your hand.

You knew it wasn't him, but then where was the real Camilo? You had to find out, but if something had happened to him Dolores would have heard it and warned the whole family, right?

You stayed silent while thinking when was the time that Carlos switched places with Camilo, then something hit you.

That room!

You thought standing up.

He stopped you right before you could enter, and by the look on his face he wasn't happy that you were so close to it, so Camilo must be in there.

But Something was wrong, how can Dolores not hear, if something happend to Camilo inside that room she would know... Or maybe se can't.

You had to find some responses before Carlos takes possession of Camilo's life.

And you needed a proper plan for that.

You stayed inside your room thinking for a hour before putting together an action plan, you couldn't trust anyone as Carlos could change shape like Camilo, but you still needed help.

The one thing you could use as a prove were the miracles since Camilo can't copy them, so you just needed some little lies and you could prove it right away.

You placed a hand on your face as a headache was invading you again and you started towards the bedroom door.

Before the plan could start you need some preparations.

You gently opened the door, just enough to allow you to see the outside and check that no Camilo* was in sight.

Once the way was clear you left the room and saw Dolores as she was leaving her room.

"dolores!" you whispered.

The girl immediately turned to you and looked at you questioningly.

Ok she's the real dolores.

You thought as you breathed a sigh of relief and approached the girl.

"Dolores I need a favor"


A few hours had now passed and finally dinner time was approaching.

Carlos obviously had not stopped with his acting and he continued to live as Camilo*, managing to identify himself completely in the role, no one suspected it, not even his 'mother'

But he still had to be careful around you, even thought for him it was all a game he knew you were probably going to be the hardest person to fool, and although you seemed to have already fallen for the trap he had decided to keep an eye on you, just to be safe.

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