Second Year

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Start of second year

"Evans!" James yelled to her from across the platform.

"What?" she yelled back in an angry voice. She had spent her summer either in her house where Petunia either ignored her, or said rude things to her, and the rest of the time with Sev. She and Severus were still best friends, but the year at Hogwarts had caused them to have many arguments.

"How was your summer?" James yelled, jolting Lily out of her thoughts.

"Are you kidding me Potter?! Was that SO important that you had to yell it across the platform?" 

"Maybe your summers, are VERY important to me" he responded, smirking.

Lily rolled her eyes and started to walk towards the train. Suddenly James was blocking her.

"I asked you how your summer was. The polite thing to do, would be to respond."

"Good thing that I never pretended to be polite" Lily retorted, and pushed James out of the way.

"Oi Evans!" A voice yelled behind her. Lily groaned, thinking it was James, but turned around to see Sirius Black. Sirius and her weren't good friends, since his best friend was James, but they got along.

"Hey Black" she said 

"Sorry to interrupt this little reunion, but I kinda wanted my family to see me talking to a muggleborn"

Lily sighed. And said in a sad voice "oh... okay"

"Are you okay? Did I offend you? I'm sorr-" Sirius said with a worried look

"It's not you Black, it's just... over the summer my sister thought I was different cause I'm a witch, Severus thought I was different cause I was a Gryffindor" at the mention of Snape, Sirius and James exchanged an angry look, but Lily continued "and wizards think I'm different cause I'm a muggleborn. I feel like I don't fit in anywhere"

"That's not true Lily-kinz. We don't think you're diffe-" James started before being cut off by Lily

"Oh really" she yelled "then why do you guys bully me? If I'm not different why do you hate me so much? You bully the slytherins because you're a Gryffindor. Well I'm a Gryffindor, so why do you guys prank me all the time?"

The boys stood there shocked. They had seen Lily lose her temper before, of course, but Lily always had so much confidence, and spunk. When they messed with her, she messed with them back. Lily Evans never complained. But just because Lily had gone out of character, didn't mean that James could, and suddenly start apologizing to people.

"We don't prank you because you're different. We prank you because you get so mad and it's funny. We mess with you for our entertainment" he said, thinking this might calm Lily down.

Lily looked at him with a disgusted look.

"Remind me to right that down on my long list of reasons I HATE YOU! Not only do you torture me for your entertainment, but you know that and YOU DON'T CARE!"

"Lily darling, calm down. Everyone is staring'" Mrs Evans said 

"No I understand why she's angry" Mrs Potter said, joining the conversation "My son has been pranking her, an it's completely not acceptable. Apologize right now, James.

"Sorry Evans" James muttered.

"No, it's fine. I should be the one apologizing for what I'm about to do" Lily said with a mischievous look in her eyes, and promptly punched James in the face.

"Lily!" Mrs Evans yelled "apologise IMMEDIATELY!"

"Sorry Potter" she said, after she finished high fiving Sirius.

Both mothers looked shocked, after seeing what had just happened, but James simply wiped the blood away from his nose and said "just wait till we get to Hogwarts. I'll get my revenge"

Lily laughed and said "one day you'll learn not to mess with Lily Evans."

As Lily walked away Sirius turned to James and said " for all that you don't like her, you've got to admit it. That girl's got spunk"

"Oh, I know" James said, with a look on his face that Sirius didn't understand but recognized. That was his "I just spoke to Lily" face

"Come on. If we hurry, well have time to talk to Remus and Peter, and still have time to mess with the girls" Sirius said, and he and James hurried to the train.

End of second year

"You know that's not true" Lily bellowed as she walked off the train

"It is!" James yelled back "Snape hangs out with future death eaters,  is in slytherin, and is interested in the dark arts. He's going to grow up and join them!"

Lily turned to face the boy, and yelled"maybe if you actually spoke to him, instead of being rude to him, you'd see that he's a good person!"

James scoffed and said "the day Snivvelus is a good person, Slughorn announces that he hates you"

"Its none of your business anyways!" The redhead screamed, ignoring the strange looks she was getting from the parents on the platform. "Why do you even care who I'm friends with?"

James looked at her with such a serious look, Lily was taken aback. "You can say a lot if things about me Evans, but I DO care about you. I want to see you mad, screaming, embarrassed and failing class, but I don't want to watch you see your best friend join a group of people who want to kill people like you!"

Lily looked at James, and simply said "you won't" before grabbing her bag, and walking off.

Her exit would have been dramatic, had she not tripped, and had to be caught by the messy-haired boy she despised so much.

"Be careful tiger-Lily" James said smirking. Lily glared at him, and they held each others gazes, until finally Petunia yelled "I didn't come to see two freaks have a staring contest. Grab your bag, and let's go"

"Give me a minute, tuney" Lily said, managing to make Tuney sound like an insult "I want to say bye to my friends"

Petunia laughed "what? You expect me to believe that you have friends?"

Sirius, who had been standing and watching the whole scene, walked up to Petunia and said "it's probably hard for you to believe that anyone would want to be friends with someone who's related to you, but thank god, Evans isn't the rude annoying girl that you are"

Everyone on the platform gasped, and there was silence, until finally, Lily started to giggle. Hearing Lily giggle made Lily's two best friends, Alice and Marlene start laughing too, and that made the marauders start laughing as well.

Mrs Evans turned to her youngest daughter and said, "you have one minute for goodbyes, then we're going HOME" 

Lily nodded, and pulled Marlene and Alice into a hug. "I'll miss you guys so much! Write to me!"

The two girls promised they'd write to her, and then Lily turned to face the boys. All for of then stood there, but Lily walked straight past James, and pulled Remus into a hug. "I'll miss you!" Then she turned to Sirius, and said "thanks for saying that to Petunia. I hate her, and she hates me even more" turned to Peter, and nodded goodbye, and then walked away.

"Wait, Evans!" James called

Lily reluctantly turned around. "Yes?" She said.

"Have a good summer" Lily looked at the boy for a moment, then said "you too" with a small smile

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