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Dj had reserved an u er and we waited for it to arrive till then we just talked and laughed about random stuff.Soon after about 15 minutes it arrived.We all went in and I saw Ava cuddling into Jaden.

I was filled with jealousy.
And looks like he noticed, because I got a message. I looked at him and he pointed ti my phone.I looked at my phone and saw a message from Jaden. It says' I know your jealous, but there's no need to be'. I respond with 'and whys that so?". 'Because she stinks. You smell way way better than her.' I couldn't mind but chuckle.

I looked up from my phone, to see Jaden already looking at me and smirking.
'So your after smells now?' 'That's right mam!' I giggled.

"Everything okay?" Javon asked me.
I only showed him my phone, he grabbed it and read the messages. He then looked at me and started laughing. I joined because I couldn't hold it anymore.
"Are y'all okay?" Jayla asked worried.
I also passed her my phone, still laughing and she then also read the messages.
She looked at us and joined us.
We all laughed, well the ones who saw it.

I looked over at Jaden again and saw him also chuckle.
'Shove her off you' I texted him.
'Thank God, I thought you'll never say it'
As I revived the message I again looked at him. He smiled at me and then shove her off him.
Did I mention she was sleeping? No? Now you know.

I couldn't laugh because she was staring at me, but I could feel myself turning red, because I was holding in my laugher.
"We arrived you tomato" Javon said.
"Finally!" I laughed.

The whole night was full of partying, dancing and drinking, Well the older ones.
Soon we decided to play truth or dare.
Funny thing is, literally no one likes Ava.
So.. you'll see.

"Okay who wants to start!" A boy asked, I guess his name was Tim.
"I'll start!" Ava shouted.
"Well, how about...Marc?"Tim said, ignoring Ava.
"I'm down." Marc answered.
"Truth or dare?" Tim asked.
"Is it true about you and Mrs.Richard?" Tim asked.
"Well,.. yeah." Marc said embarrassed.

I looked over at Javon who was sitting next to me. He saw my questioning face and started to explain.
"It means, if he had something going on with Mrs.Richard." Javon said while he pulled a disgusted face.
"Eww, not the Music teacher." I said.

It went in till Javons turn.
"Truth or dare?" Amber said.
"Dare, I ain't boring"
"Okay we get it" I whispered into his ear.
"Uhm.. you best friends with Yn aren't you?" Amber asked with a smirk on her face.
"And now?" He asked confused.
"Kiss her."
"What!?" Javon asked.
I looked over at Jaden..
I saw he was already 'jealous' if you can call it like that because I was talking a lot and I mean a lot with Javon.
I took put my phone and texted Jaden.
'I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you Jealous:('
'It's okay'
'If Javon NEEDS to kiss me, are you gonna be mad?'
'As Long as it doesn't mean anything to you'
'Cmon, we both know. You give the best hugs + kisses'
'Wow, thanks for the compliment my love'
'Your welcome'

As I send this message.
Javon tilled my shoulder and whispered.
„I'm sorry, Jaden knows about it right!"
"Yeah, he does."
After that he leaned in and gave me a quick peck.
Thank god it was done now.
No offense Javon, but Jaden gives the best pecks.
I gave Jaden a apology look and he nodded.
Thank God he's good.

It went on till everyone had their turn..
"Okay, I'm the only one left so who's gonna ask me?" Ava asked.
No one even listened to her, so while she was taking everyone left their place.
Even Jaden, he went over to Ethan.

Prom was cool, but it felt more like a party.


(Don't tell me you really thought this was the end)

Soon it all ended and everyone was tired.
Ethan texted Ava's mom to pick her up because only the friends had a 'sleepover'.
Well also called me, Jaden, Javon, Jayla,Ethan and Maddie. Maddie's a girl we met on prom.So it'll be even.
So Ava  was mad if course, but if she's gonna tell Jaden about hurting me, let's see who's gonna hurt who.

We planed to stay up all night, but I guess it was a flop, because as we took showers and went to bed, each of us drifted off to sleep.

I woke up to a noise.. and guess what it was.
"Shut up!" I whisper shouted to him, because he was laying next to where Jaden and I sleep.
After some time I somehow made it and fell asleep again.
Jadens arm wrapped around my waist. His face hidden in my neck. Him softly snoring next to me.
And yes, Ethan snoring is worse  than Jadens.


No worries its still not the end.

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