Chapter #23: One More Chance


"Wow," I sighed breathless, looking at him stunned, before standing up abruptly. "I-I'm sorry I can't do this."

I found myself running out of his office, pushing the huge doors out in front of me. The secretaries watched me run out of the building like I had gone completely insane. I was panting hard, and the cold rush of wind that hit my skin as I stepped outside made me breathe gratefully, bending my head back and a relishing in the cool air.


"Why would you walk out like that?" Asher yelled, shaking his head in confusion.

"Don't yell at me," I murmured, falling down onto my bed. I tucked my legs below me, and wrapped a blanket around my shoulders. There were a few boxes laying around from earlier, I had begun packing after my nervous breakdown at the so-called 'interview' in the Steel building.

"I'm not Peyton, I'm not yelling. I just- this was your chance. You would've made so much money and you could've built something good for you."

"I doubt it'll be any longer before he turns up again..." I whispered to myself, imagining Maverick Steel again, and just how stunning he really was. So young too.

"What?" Asher raised an eyebrow, shoving his hands into the grey pockets of his sweatpants.

I sighed, rubbing my forehead. "Asher, he was so... Tempting."

Asher snorted, rolling his eyes. "Please don't even-"

My voice rose an octave. "Asher! I'm serious. There was something about him! I couldn't do it... God, it was like I was in a movie or something. That isn't my world, I don't belong there. I don't have it in me. I need to focus on myself! This is just creating more problems around me, in my head, with my relationships I have now!"

"Maverick does that to people."

"No- no, you don't understand," my voice cracked, dropping my head back.

Asher sat on a heavy box before dropping his head into his hands. "Enlighten me then."

I shook my head. "It's over now, whatever."

"Peyton just tell me. What happened in there?"

I felt heat rising to my cheeks. "Nothing happened, per-say. He just had this look in his eye, and every guy I know has a look like that but his was so overpowering that I was literally shaking in my seat. Maverick, he's not the guy I want to run business with."

I wasn't afraid of Maverick, or his business, nor did I think I was incapable of working there. I actually would enjoy working there, making the money, building something for myself. But Maverick was a guy I didn't want to get involved with- I knew types like him. That filthy little smirk of his nearly had my panties in a twist- not in the good way; and I knew I couldn't risk it. I've already made of fool of myself.

"You think he's hot. You're afraid you two could get personally involved," Asher said matter-of-factly.

I snorted. "What? No," I blushed, thanking the Lord for the dim light in my dorm. I couldn't do that to Evan, although that thought was hypocritical considering I had involved myself too deeply with Asher...

Asher knew me all too well, but I wasn't letting him win this one. Asher was like my guide, with me on a leash, taking me everywhere, guiding me everywhere, being there for me... This time, I couldn't let him be that huge support system in my life. I needed to mature, for the better of myself and for Evan. I needed to get stable again.

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