Chapter #22: Maverick Steel

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Blood was pouring from my stomach.

My guts had spewed onto the floor before me, as my screams echoed against the long, empty hallways of my stranded college. There was no one around me, all I could see were white walls. My mouth was soon gagging, before dark burgundy blood poured from my mouth, making my teeth crusty, a metallic flavour engulfing my taste buds. I could hear a baby crying in the distance, and from one end of the hallway, a shadow slowly appeared. MY head rose slowly, and I gagged, unable to breath, the shadow moving closer. I was wrenched with blood, holding onto my wounds as my white shirt clung to my blood-covered skin.

There Evan was, holding the crying baby. He was white- pale. I couldn't speak, only gag, vomit and cough blood. I was sweaty, panting for my breath.

I sat up so fast in my bed that my head hit my headboard, slamming harshly against the wood, making me lose my breath, panting for air. "What the fuck," I screamed, holding my forehead in pain. God, I was completely losing it.

I lifted my arms, wiggling my fingers. I was still intact.

I raised my pyjama shirt... My stomach was still in fact on my body. I was soaked though- in sweat. It was awful. I wiped at my forehead, my breath coming back slow and steady. This nightmare was worse than the one I had last time. I found myself whining until I recollected myself, and pushed my tired body out of my bed.

In the shower, I stood underneath the hot, flesh burning water for an hour. It tickled against my back, released the tension in my muscles, and soothed me. I rubbed at my skin with my pink loofa just a minute later, my eyes blank on the white tiles before me. I wasn't blinking, or merely even moving my body.

When I got out, I dried my wet skin painstakingly slow.

I not only woke up from a nightmare at 8 in the morning, but I also woke up to a termination sticker on my door. I was getting ready to head out to the diner and treat myself to a snack before I noticed a piece of of paper taped on my door, with big, red intimidating letters that made me catch my breath, snagging it swiftly off the door.

"What the hell," I muttered under my breath, tucking my cellphone hurriedly into my pocket. My eyes skimmed the paper briefly, before I cursed exhaustedly.

I had exactly one month to get my bags packed, and leave this dorm.

Due to your dis-cooperation with our education board and main building, and failing all courses you have registered with in the 2014-2015 school year, we have no choice but to say that you can no longer be apart of our Spartans University student line. While we have a certain amount of space, students who are in dorms while not registered with any courses will be terminated, and your payments paid towards your dorm will be returned in cheque. Thank you for our service and diploma with our University, we were glad you represented Spartans for a total of 6 months.

I chewed my bottom lip anxiously. I had no clue where I was going to go, or who I would stay with, but I knew that I needed to start packing soon. I tossed the sheet of paper onto my desk, shaking my head. I knew it was bound to happen. It wasn't fair for other teenagers applying to get in this college, and people like me taking up space for no reason when I was totally taking advantage of my current situation. I had thrown my education away, my entire chance and possibility of sprouting into a young woman- with a stable career- was out the door... And so was I. Quite literally.

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