Chapter Thirty

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Quentin's mind was racing as he was weaving his way through the crowd to find Donavan. Billie and Donavan? Donavan was her ex? He was the one who started calling her the Ice Queen? That meant that Donavan had known about them this entire time.

Donavan disappeared from the building. Quentin cursed and called for a cab to take him to Donavan's apartment. When he arrived, he began pounding on his door. A neighbor poked his head out but one look from Quentin and he quietly withdrew.

Donavan threw the door open and walked away, allowing Quentin to enter.

"I was wondering when you'd show up," Donavan said, standing there ready to face Quentin.

"Is it true?" Quentin asked. "Were you dating Billie?"

"That question depends on the time frame you're asking about?" Donavan said, infuriating Quentin even further.

"Just answer the DAMN question!"

"Yes, Billie and I dated. I actually slept with a girl before you got to her. Imagine that?"

Quentin's jaw clenched. Just the thought of Donavan and Billie together in that way had him seeing red.

"Must really get to you, huh? What could she possibly see in me, right?"

Quentin's eyes narrowed. "You really don't want to know what I've been told about you."

"I know for a fact she's never talked about me. She had no idea you and I were friends."

Quentin's eyes widened. "You spoke to her? When?"

"She didn't tell you she's been seeing me behind your back?" Donavan smirked.

"What?" Quentin asked stunned. "Billie would never..."

"If you're so certain about Billie it makes me wonder why you even bothered to show up at my door? Did you tell her before you got engaged to her that the deal is done?"

Upon seeing Quentin's reaction. Donavan's fist covered his mouth to stifle his laughter. "Damn, you didn't know about that either did you, Golden boy? I wonder if Billie will believe you."

Quentin advanced so quickly upon Donavan that he did not have time to move out of the way. He found himself gripped up by his shirt. "What are you talking about?"

"The deal was signed today. Her father's company is gone, sold to your father by Mr. Dupree. You failed, dude. In a HUGE way."

"No, my mother..."

"Didn't know about it? She may once she gets home. That is if your father bothers to come home to her in order to gloat. He may just decide to celebrate with his secretary in his office instead."

"How do you know all of this? Why didn't you tell me? You never told me."

"About me and the Ice Queen?"

"DON'T CALL HER THAT!" Quentin threatened, wondering how the hell can he undo the damage that was done. He pushed Donavan away from him so hard that he stumbled and fell to the floor.

Donavan laughed. "I started those rumors about her because I was mad. She kept pushing me away," Donavan said rising to his feet and brushing himself off.

"Her mother was dying!" Quentin said in disbelief.

"I'm well aware. My own life was falling apart at the same time. My father's company was about to tank because of a bad investment that I made, the girl I loved pushing me away just when I was about to ask her to marry me and where was my best friend during all of this? Off sulking over Calista. I was there for you, stood by you, through thick and thin. Where were you when I needed you? Off screwing around with any woman, you could get your hands on."

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