Bring Me To Life

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Everyone knows these feels..concerts are the best places in the world.

Brought together by one reason

and that reason sends us screaming 

but always in a good way




we are individual but

we are one.

a mile long line of black.

as the kick drum


and the bass line


we're all brought alive to the sound of the music

the seconds s-s-s-stick

to the strobes

and the cheap beer splashes on sweat soaked clothes

there is no oxygen

we are not breathing

its all electricity

But we're far from dead.

the floor slams

shakes us free

are we standing?

are we flying?

snaps the feeling from your knees

We were born for this

for music

for the lights

and the crowd

and the realization

that you are not alone

and I'm not afraid.

Are we a cult?

A single being

an ocean

when we're only a bunch of misfits

clinging onto the drumbeat

an idol

and the band t-shirts that some guy is selling cheap

we have hope 

in our melody induced comas

can't wake up

it's too damn good

Are we waking up?

I don't wanna wake up

the voices growl

and the crowd throws their lighters in the air

but this is a modern age

lighters, iphones, cameras

As one

hearts singing

throats cracking

but still singing

cause it's what you gotta do.

A love of music that surrounds this bunch of shitfaced rebels.

But isn't it so beautiful?

as the

distorted guitars squeal

and raised fists

pound to the thrumming 

of a shared heartbeat

Bring us to life.