Depression - thy name is Sorrow

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The sun is up

I see it through the blinds

I am exhausted.

I crawl out of bed.

I try to make it.

The little dark voice whispers

Why bother?

You will crawl in again.

I made the bed.

I am exhausted.

I wash my face.

I can’t see my reflection,

Mirrors do not fib,

I’ve vanished,

I’m gone.

I wash the face I cannot see.

Hoping - It will come back to me.

The dark voice whispers

Why bother.

I sit - the TV on

The sun is gone

The room is dark

The dark voice has taken shape

Now sits beside me

turns and looks

at me

Face to face

He smiles

I nod

I crawl back to bed

He crawls in

to keep

Me company.

I am exhausted.

Sleep - sick sleep.

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