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Before school

I really wanna believe him..
And I will, but still.
I wanna make him jealous.
He's hot when he's mad.

"Yn..?" Javon asked.
"I know what happened with Jaden and Ava.. and he's asking her out tomorrow.." Javon explained again.
"So.. I wanted to ask if you want to go to prom with me? As besties ofc." Javon asked
"Thank you because millions of girls wanted to go with me and if Jaden wouldn't ask you I would ask you."
"That's fine"

Well that was easy.
Now Jaden only needs to know about it ON prom.

"Jaylaaaa!!!!" I walked into her room
"YNNNNNN!!!" She hugged me.
"Javon asked me to prom now because of the Ava and Jaden thing."
"I'm happy for you"
"Yeah, thanks but can you maybe not tell Jaden about it?"
"Ofc whatever you want."
" that's why I Love you!!"
"Aww, Love you too!!"


Jaden wasn't talking to me...
Only with  Ava...

I fucking hate her!

Whatever, she's not gonna steal my man.

As our fist class passed by, we had lunch.
One of the best time I guess.
Well not at school tho.

I walked over to our table.
Javon was walking next to me and so was Jayla, we had our own gang.
Usually, Jaden was supposed to be walking next to me, not Javon.

I mean I love Javon, but as a friend.
Let's not even start about why I love Jaden...

I was staring at Jaden and Ava sometimes..
It is hurting to see them laughing..
But not with me BITCH!!

I stood up and walked to the toilet, not to cry.
But to catch Ava following me.

I closed the door behind me and went into a cabin.

"Open the door slut! I know your in here!" She said with an attitude.
"Wow, are you obsessed with me or why are you following me?" I asked laughing and opened the door.

"ME!? Obsessed with you!? Never In my fucking live!" She laughed.
"Doesn't seem to me like this. It's not like you following me, wearing the same clothes like me, copying my actions. Should I go on?" I asked with a playful grin on my face.
"Okay then, I think you won't mind if I go out now without you following me."
"Now your speechless." I said while walking out of the toilet, to be met by Jaden.

"I'm sorry.." he said.
"It's okay."

He hugged me and I hugged back.

He kissed me.

I was dying for this..
For being able to feel his lips on mine again.

I broke the kiss, even tho I didn't want to.

"At home, not now.." I said
He just nodded.

As I walked away he smiled and I smiled back.
I'm glad she's not really ruining our relationship.
If she is, I'm gonna kill her.

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