"Just leave me alone."

"Sorry, babe, but you're mine now. You belong to me."


Carmen Matthews didn't know what to expect when she moved from Florida to New York to begin college. She had an idea of what to expect, but she never truly trusted the future. From personal experiences, she knew that the future can be an unruly bitch.

Yes, Carmen didn't know what was truly heading her way, but she would have never expected it to be a boy.

Harry Styles, badass of New York, was about to change Carmen's life. But little did he know that she'd change his more.


Wrong place, wrong time, unknown future...



a/n: This book will contain typos because I am not perfect and make mistakes. Please don't make fun or anything like that. I will go back and edit this ENTIRE story when the time comes. If you want, you may point them out for me so it'll be easier for me :)

Warning: this story will contain violence, sexual content, harsh language, etc... If you are not comfortable with these things then please don't bother reading if you're going to give me shit.

This story was completely my idea and no one else's. I didn't copy nor steal this story. If this story looks similar to another than it is completely coincidental. I don't steal stories so please don't steal mine.

How One Direction is portrayed in this book is nothing like they are in real life. I am simply using their physical image and names.

Again, I warn you about this mature Harry Styles au (alternative universe).

Copyright ©Solicited, Nance || 4-24-15

All rights reserved!



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