Chapter 1: Getting the team together

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*Those of you who are reading, it doesn't exactly start at the beginning of the movie. It starts when Dom and Brian are on the balcony in Brazil. No copyright is intended This is my own story on fast 5. I own nothing. Fast five owns it I'm just using the story line. I only own Jaelene. Hope you like it!... * UPDATED!!!

Nobody's POV

Dom, and Brian looked over Brazil, late at night, on a balcony in an abandoned warehouse in the middle of the city. The boys were both drinking beers and were enjoying the silence when Brian started to speak.

"Dom, what do you remember about your father?" Brian asks as he sits down on the ledge of the balcony.

Dom looks at Brian and says, "My father. He used to, uh... He used to have a barbecue every Sunday after church. For anybody in the neighborhood. You didn't go to church, you didn't get any barbecue."

Dom then smiles, remembering the good days with his father. Brian smiles and nods his head understanding that Dom wasn't always a violent person.

"Everyday he was at the shop, and every night? He was at the kitchen table, with Mia, helping her with her homework. Even after she went to sleep, he'd stay up for a few more hours, so he could learn the next chapter and help her the next day." Dom states as he continues to smile.

Brian chuckled at Dom and Dom continued, "I remember everything about my father. Everything!"

"That's just it. I don't know shit about my dad. I don't remember him yellin, I don't remember him smilin. To be honest with you, I don't even remember what the hell he looked like. I don't remember. I think I just chose to forget everything about him. He was just- he was never there." Brian explains while thinking about his fathers behavior and thinking about how he would act as a father.

Dom just looks at Brian and realizes where this conversation is hinting too.

"You ain't gonna be like that Brian!" Dom assures Brian.

The boys then look into the little room to see Mia on a chair, sleeping peacefully. Dom was thinking about the now resurfaced memories of Mia and their father and Brian was thinking about his soon to be son or daughter and Mia and what their lives would be like in the future.

"I can't keep living like this Dom. We gotta get out. We gotta get out now." Brian exclaims referring to the violence and being wanted by the F.B.I. and every federal agent.

Dom looks down and says, "You're right! Here's how we're gonna do it." as he pulls out the chip that Reyes wants.

"We got one last job. We're gonna take all of Reyes' money. Every dime of it. And disappear. Forever." Dom explains as he puts down the chip in front of Brian.

Brian looks at the chip and then to Dom and says, "New passports, new lives! No more looking over our shoulder! We're gonna buy our freedom."

"That's right." Dom assures Brian. Brian continues and says, "You realized that your talking about going against the most powerful guy in all of Rio?"

"Yes we are." Dom replies calmly. Brian thinks for a second and says, "Then we're gonna need a team."

Then next morning, Brian, Mia, and Dom were standing on the balcony while the boys filled Mia in on the plan. They then started talking about the team.

"Alright, let's run through the basics real quick. What do we got?" Brian asks Dom.

Dom says, "First, we're gonna need a chameleon. Someone who's gonna blend in. Anywhere."

"What else?" Mia says.

"A fast talker. Someone who can bullshit their way out of anything." says Dom.

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