XLIX. Let the Games Begin

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Heeseung ran back to the resort as fast as he could, sparing no time to pause and catch his breath. He hastily ran past the guards at the gate, past the lively and cheerful employees by the lobby, and past other guests who were startled by his running.

He knocked over a table and almost knocked over a few guests on his way back to the boys' house. One guest he bumped was Levi - luckily the younger was able to hold Heeseung so that they both won't fall to the ground. 

"Heeseung hyung? Are you okay??" Levi asked with full concern. "You don't look too-" he said, before getting interrupted by a pulse on his head. Levi fell to his knees, hands trying to massage the aching pain in his head.

"Levi! What's wrong??" Aeri knelt down as well to assist Levi. Both Levi and Heeseung are acting weird - Heeseung with his panicked run and Levi with his sudden headache.

Aeri was about to bring her phone out to call Minji for assistance, her number was the only number Aeri could call.

"Don't." Levi held Aeri's wrist to stop her from pressing the call button. As he did that, he looked right at Heeseung's eyes, staring deep into his soul. "Don't let her get anywhere near this monster. She'll only get hurt if she goes anywhere near him." Levi said - his eyes glowing green for a split second before completely fainting.

Aeri was still processing what on Earth just happened. She looked at the fainted boy resting on her lap, then turned her head to look at Heeseung - which to her surprise, he has already gotten up and started running again.

As soon as he got into the house and went inside his room, he hurriedly shut the door, lay on the bed, and curled his body, crying to release his stress.

What happened earlier was a very traumatic experience. He only started forgiving himself for Miyeon's death a few months ago - yet now he's back at square one - haunted by his past actions.

"Was that really Miyeon??? So ghosts exist???" He thought. It wouldn't be much of a surprise if she was after revenge.

"Or maybe I'm stressed. Maybe I'm being delusional." Maybe this was a side effect of his lack of sleep.

Lately, he has been having a hard time sleeping - all he could think about were things he didn't want to think about - Minji with someone else - Minji with Jungwon.

He was filled with jealousy, a very unhealthy thing. Maybe, just maybe - that jealousy is getting too out of control. Heeseung turned his back, facing the other side as his body shivered.

Was he being a bit too jealous? She isn't even his, so why should he be envious of Jungwon?

Maybe he shouldn't be jealous. He should start acting like an average person who wants to court a girl.

But wait, if he does that...then he might lose to Jungwon.

"What if Minji sees I'm not doing anything to get her? Will she think I don't want her? And she'll end up with that boy!!" Heeseung thought - shifting his position numerously in a restless manner.

What should he do? And what shouldn't he do?

He scratched his head, pulled his hair, curved his back, took a deep breath in, grit his teeth, squinted his eyes too hard, tightened his fist, and took a deep breath out.

At this point, he doesn't know what to do.

He was constantly beaten up by thoughts of his past, and if that wasn't enough - the present is getting on his nerves too - which as result makes him worried and stressed about the future.

These thoughts and voices in his head - he just wants them to go away. But they just won't. It's like someone engraved it deep inside his brain.

This perversion of the mind is going to end up making him crazy.

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