Chapter 12

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(Your POV)

You let out a grunt as Claude touched your cheek that's two times bigger than it was before."Lady Y/N,please stay still."Claude said as he poured alcohol on a napkin."No...I'm Fine."You said walking out the room.'Y/N.....can I speak to you please."Alois said."Uhhh.......sure I guess."You said.Alois started walking away and you followed him.Alois took you to his bed room."Y/N....."Alois started blushing."I-I like you....I don't know how it came to this but...I tried to deny my love for you...i just couldn't."Alois said blushing deeper with you doing the same."Uh A-Alois....I'm sorry b-but I'm already with someone....."You said blushing even harder thinking about him."Who?"Alois said."Ciel...."You said."O-Oh okay."Alois said clenching his fist."Your highness...Lord Arnold Trancy has arrived."Claude said opening the door."Hmpf....okay..Y/N can I as of you a favor?"Alois said.

~~time skip~~

You were walking down stairs with Alois in the maids outfit he gave you."UNCLE ARNOLD!!"Alois said jumping and hugging him.You sweat dropped and bowed as he looked at you.'He really loves hugging people don't he.'The guy that came with Arnold and a priest walked up to you."Oh my what a lovely lady you are,I am Aleister Chambers."He said grabbing your hand and kissing it.You quickly snatched your hand away madly blushing."Please don't touch me,sir."You said annoyed.Alois and Claude looked at you and Claude who was standing right by you patted your back.You looked at him and leaned towards your ear."Will you come helps prepare the refreshments?"Claude whispered as Aleister went on about how he loves a bad girl."Yes."You said walking into the manor with him.You and Claude went to the kitchen."Lady Y/N please do not yell at the guest."Claude said looking at you.'Wow I just noticed.....I'M SHORTER THAN HIM!!'You looked down."Fine."You said.

(Ciel' s POV)

I haven't seen Y/N since yesterday afternoon."Young Master your afternoon tea."Sebastian said knocking on the door of my study."Come in."I said.Sebastian came in pushing the snack cart."Sebastian have you seen Y/N?"I asked looking at him."No young master...."Sebastian said pouring a cup of tea.

(Sebastians's POV)

I went to the kitchen and started making the preparations for dinner."Y/N your a lost cat who will eventually find her way home."I said to my self.

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