Chapter 11

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(Claude's POV)

Y/N is in my arms sleeping she looks peaceful but Alois got mad when she refused to sit with him earlier.

~A little earlier~

"ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!"Y/N yelled pushing Alois off her."Y/N,you should at least get it cleaned cause whatever hit you must of hit you pretty hard to cut you."Alois said helping her up."Fine."Y/N said stubbornly."Come back to the manor and I'll help you."Alois said."Sure but I'm not sitting with you."


I blushed when I saw her kick her legs like she was running."Your so cute."I said softly."Claude,get away from Mistress Y/N."I heard a familiar voice say.I turned around to see Jewels and Sebastian.I softly sat Y/N down on my bed and turned towards them."May I ask why you are at the manor without an invite?"I asked taking off my glasses."Jewels."Sebastian said.Jewels walked towards Y/N and picked her up."Don't touch her!"I said trying to take Y/N back.Jewels grabbed a sword and quickly pulled it to my throat."If you touch her I swear..."Jewels said pushing the sword up to my face and cutting it.I moved my fingers making spider webs tighten around her and Sebastian.Jewels dropped Y/N and I quickly spun a web with my hands and she landed softly in but still managed to wake up."Huh?FATHER!!!!Why are you here I hate you Sebastian,and Jewels I ordered you to not to come for me!"Y/N said coldly.But why is she calling her father Sebastian."Y/N come back to the manor now!"Sebastian said sternly."No,you're not my dad!!!"Y/N yelled."Yes I am if you don't come back I'll take you by force!"Sebastian yelled grabbing her arm and pulling her."No I don't want to you should go play with your other daughter Elizabeth!!"Y/N yelled."Y/N!"Sebastian said slapping her on her swollen cheek."Michaelis,you should know hitting a young lady is a disgrace to all butlers."I said grabbing Y/N's hand and pulling her into a hug.

(Alois' POV)

Y/N is in my manor.'I'll finally get to tell her how I feel.'I have to find a way to get her to stay here."I want her as a maid."I said to myself.Y/N will be my maid and shell say by my side at all times.I put my head down on my desk thinking."How will I tell her my feelings.How?Dang it Dang it dang it!"I said.I heard a 'bang' and decided to go see what that nut was up to."Claude."I said knocking on his door.The door fell and all I saw was Sebastian and the maid Y/N was with when I first met her pinned to the wall by Claude's webs,and Claude hugging Y/N."Claude..What are they doing in the manor?"I asked."Ah?Alois Trancy.Did you come here for Y/N as well?I know you have a huge crush on her."Sebastian said smirking."N-No."I said blushing.Y/N looked up from Claude's chest and to Sebastian whipping tears away."Sebastian leave I never want to see you again!!"Y/N yelled.Sebastian broke through Claude's webs along with the maid and jumped out the broken window.

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