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She's still breathing.

My nerves begin to relax as I see the rise and fall of her chest. When I lay my head close to her heart, I wait for the thumping sound, the sound that means she's alive and well. The sound that so many months ago failed to reach my ears. I sigh when I hear it, the world settles and my heart goes in tune with hers.

The Italian coastline gleams in front of me and I can't help but let the tears fall from my eyes. Two months ago I didn't know if the love of my life would ever see another day. Let alone for us to be here, now — celebrating a honeymoon that I thought was lost to funerals and grief.

My phone vibrates on the table and I slide out of the bed to answer the call. "Alana Grey-Salvatore?"

"Is that how you always answer your phone?" Clary questions and I roll my eyes. "Alana Grey-Salvatore speaking."

"That's not how I sound, Clarissa." I chuckle before walking out of the bedroom into the small living room. "What are you doing up?"

"I can ask the same for you." She says before sighing. "Couldn't sleep, nightmares and such."

"Same..." my mind still won't let go of the image of the knife burying itself in Francesca's back. I'll never forget the horror I felt — there's no real word to describe the feeling that overtook me. It was as if my heart had shattered. "I wake up every two hours to make sure she's still breathing."

"I'm sorry," Clary murmurs, "I know it's hard for you, have you talked to your therapist?"

"I swear she's tired of me calling her." I laugh before plopping on the couch.

"That's what she's there for."

"Oh, really, and have you talked to your therapist?"

"That's so not the point Alana!" She complains before laughing with me. "I miss you, already."

"I miss you too, C." I really, truly, did miss my best friend. There's something about helping your friend walk again that creates a bond that can never be broken. I've seen her in her worse moments as she healed her temporary paralysis. I helped her walk and I was there when she took her first step without my aid.

"Harry Potter and peanut butter popcorn when you get back?"

"With m&ms?"

"Duh, it wouldn't be a movie night without it."

I laugh, "No it really wouldn't."

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