First year

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Beginning of First Year

"Mum, Dad, hurry up. It's already 10:45!" the little red headed girl yelled.

"Lily," her mother responded, imitating her tone
" You'll make the train, now stop running. You'll bump into someo-" Mrs. Evans said before stopping short at the sight of her daughter and a boy around the same age lying on the floor, with all their stuff scattered around them.

"Watch where you're going, Ginger," the boy said in a rude tone, as if he was sure he was better than the girl he had just, literally, bumped into.

Lily had been about to apologize but after hearing that, decided against it.

"How is this my fault?!" she said angrily. "I'm not the one who wasn't looking, because they were too busy not brushing their hair," Lily continued with a smug look.

The boy patted down his crazy raven colored hair, and did the mature thing next, and stuck his tongue out at her. Lily rolled her eyes, and turned to walk away, but the boy then stuck out his leg and tripped her.

Lily got up, with a look that made everyone within a 10 mile radius of her shudder. Slowly, she turned around, picked up her water bottle from the ground, and poured  some of it onto the boy's head.

"There," she said, smirking. "Now your hair will stay flat." The boy stood there, wet, and extremely mad at the girl who had just made him look like an idiot in front of everyone on the platform.

"I'll get you for this, Ginger" he yelled. "Mark my words, I WILL get you for this."

By this point, everyone on the platform was staring at the two eleven year olds, and the parents of said children, were standing there shocked, having never seen their children behave like this.

Lily simply looked at the boy, and said "This is going to be a long seven years"

"You got that right" the boy muttered before beginning to collect his possessions from where they were lying. Lily started to do the same. The boy picked up a sweater from the ground, and noticing that it wasn't his, he handed it to the girl, and said "this is yours..." then squinted at the last name written on the tag and said "Evans". Thanks, she said taking the sweater and flashed him a smile. Slightly startled by the girl's dazzling smile he stuttered and said "I-I-I'm James. James Potter.

"Well then Potter. I hope you learn over the years not to run into me, and we might manage to be civil to each other." She said, with her smirk back.

"Not likely" James said, and with a smirk bigger than Lily's, he took Lily 's water bottle, and poured the remaining water all over her.

"No one messes with James Potter" James said in a threatening tone.

"Well people mess with Lily Evans, but they don't live to tell the tale " Lily said in an equally threatening voice, before stalking off.

End of first year

" James Potter!" Lily Evans yelled, stepping off the Hogwarts express. "Give me back my book!"

James simply laughed. "Only losers read when they're seeing their friends for the last time for two months. I can't let a fellow Gryffindor be a loser. Sorry Evans," he said, smirking.

"Potter, you have no right to decide what makes someone a loser. You probably don't even know HOW to read!" Lily screamed

"Calm down Tiger Lily" said James, laughing.

That nickname was the straw that broke the camel's back. Lily dropped her stuff and lunged for Potter. All the Hogwarts students, who had gotten used to this over the year just sighed, but all great parents watching gasped at the sight of the two kids on the ground, fighting as if their lives depended on it.

"Lily!" Mrs Evans yelled, shocked , as grabbed Lily by the shoulders, and dragged her off of James.

At the same moment the Potters walked over and Mrs Potter said, shocked "James Potter! You should never hit someone, and most certainly not a girl."

"It's not my fault!" James screamed " if you knew her you would punch her too!"

"See? Even people in HER world agree with me" said a slightly older girl, standing next to Lily's parents.

Lily 's eyes filled with tears. "Petunia. I just got here. Couldn't you at least TRY to be nice?!

James was shocked. The Lily Evans he knew NEVER cried. Not even when during one of their fights she had broken both her legs.

James addressed the older girl. "Who are you?" He said rudely.

"I'm her older sister" she said, as if saying Lily 's name out loud was embarrassing.

"Well don't say things like that about Lily." He said,feeling a strange urge to stand up for Lily.

"Says the boy who just punched her in the face" Petunia said.

James didn't know how to respond to that,so simply turned to his parents, and said "I'm ready to go home"

His parents obliged, and they turned to leave

"See you in September, Evans" he yelled over his shoulder

"Don't remind me!" She yelled back, as she walked over to her car

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