Starfire's POV

I again was pacing around my room, i was very sad. I did not want to accept what she wanted, but i had to do it in order to be her friend.

I walked out of my room slowly, then i was walking to the living room, where i found Cyborg and Beastboy playing the game of the video, and Robin with Carrie, listening to the music. Raven on the other hand, was reading the same book she has read for 5 months.

"Good morning friends!" I exclaimed.

"Morning Star." They all said, except for Carrie who just said, "Good Morning. Friend." She said, and went back to listening to music with Robin.

"Oh Robin. I wish you are beside me." I whispered to myself, as i looked down at the floor.

"Hey, Star? Are you okay?" Beastboy asked me, as he placed his hand on my shoulder.

"I am okay Beastboy. I am very delighted!" I lied.

"Well, that's good. I'm glad you and Carrie are finally getting along" He said, smiling.

"Umm.. Yes.. I too am glad.." I said, looking at Robin and Carrie who were enjoying themselves.

Robin saw me, and i looked away immediately. Avoiding him will make me forget about my love for him..

Robin's POV

I was looking at Starfire and Beastboy chat while Carrie and me were listening to music.

Why was Starfire suddenly avoiding me? Whatever the reason is, i need to know.

"I'll be right back." I told Carrie. She nodded and smiled then went back to listening to music.

I walked over to Starfire and asked, "Hey Star, what's wrong?".

"Nothing is wrong, Friend Robin! Everything is okay!" She lied.

"Oh no! I forgot to feed Silkie her zorkaberries! I will be in my room"

She lied again, she ran out to the exit of the living room, and dissappeared. I went back to Carrie and she asked me, "Leave her alone, She just needs-- time." She finished.

"For what?" I asked with confusion.

"Stuff.." She replied.

"Okay then..." I said, still curious.

Please be okay, Star....


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