Chapter 1

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"What a disgrace!"

"You don't belong here!"

"You were always scum!"

"You are a disgrace to your family, I'm glad you were disowned"

"You are disowned! Don't ever think of coming back!"

Jaune wakes up sweating, he is breathing heavily as he realizes it's another nightmare. He looks at the clock and it's around 6am.

Jaune: Another nightmare, it's been months since I've been here.

Jaune gets out of bed and freshens up, he looks at himself in the mirror and sees his new self.

Jaune: Alot's changed since then, might as well do my weekly jog, to get my mind clear

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Jaune: Alot's changed since then, might as well do my weekly jog, to get my mind clear.

He exits the room and looks at the hallways, his classmates are probably still sleeping. He'll make sure to cook breakfast for them.

Jaune: Let's hope Midoriya is up, could use someone to talk to in my jogs.

Jaune heads down to the dorm lobby and sees it's empty. He looked at the clock and pinpointed he would jog for 30 minutes and head back. He stretches as he starts his jog, he looks around UA and thinks about how he got here.

He remembers the day it happened when Ozpin told him he was expelled. He knew it would happened at some point, he didnt expect to lose everything. His friends hated him for it, he was beaten, bullied everyday. Only a few of the teachers helped such as Oobleck and Port but they couldn't do anything about the students. What made it worse is that Goodwitch had it our for him, she was willing to let the students beat him to death, to the point he couldnt go on anymore, it was painful. What made it worse was his father disowning him. He wasnt allowed to contact his family anymore. That was the last straw and he ran away to the Emerald Forest to kill himself. He almost succeded but a portal suddenly appeared out of nowhere and he was sucked in.

Jaune: (Laughs) to be honest, that portal was the best thing that's ever happened to me. Saved my life.

Jaune remembers when he first arrived here. He woke up in the infirmary of UA and was met with Principal Nezu, Recovery Girl, and Aizawa. He was super confused at first, they told him a portal appeared out of nowhere in UA and he came out of it. It turns out one of the Support students made a device that broke and somehow opened a portal. They tried using it again but it never worked.

After that, Nezu requested Jaune to explain where he came from. Jaune told them everything about Remnant from Dust, Aura, Semblances, Grimm, and Huntsman and Huntresses. Nezu was interested by it and asked Jaune about his plans now. He said he does not have any, he began explaining his story from his transcripts, to his attempted suicide and the portal. When they heard about this, they were upset the staff would allow this type of thing to happen. They understood what he did was wrong but he had good intentions. They decided that Jaune would be a student in UA. He graciously accepted it.

During his Year of training, they wanted to know exactly how Aura and Semblances work. They tried different methods to find out how it works, during those sessions he discovered his Semblance or Quirk now called Aura Amplification. The next few months were training him on his new Quirk, turns out they discovered that due to the effects of the portal transporting him to their world, his Semblance evolved. They learned that he can use his Quirk to boost up other people's Quirk by 95%. For Combat he can produce multiple weapons and objects for any scenario, he was trained by the teachers of UA. They also learned that he has the ability to heal people and himself. They tested it and found out it can heal any wounds, whether they are major or minor. They wanted to see more aspects of his Quirk and made him try healing someone who lost an arm, turns or he can also regenrate limbs and his Quirk was proven to be very efficient. He was made an assistant to Recovery Girl during his time before he would take the exams.

Jaune studied in his free time and learned alot of things about Earth and the History of Quirks. Sadly he became Nezu's apprentice, when he wanted to test Jaune on his tactical skills and was very impressed with his strategies and tactics. By the time the entrance exams would begin, Jaune would essentially be the next top student of UA.

During his time in UA, they had to give him a new last name as Jaune was disowned by his family. Aizawa unwillingly decided to adopt Jaune and train him. He would go out with Aizawa in his Underground hero work and learned a lot from him.

When the entrance exam started he was placed on top of the exam and beat the record of the exam. He was placed on Class 1-A, during that time he learned the biggest secret ever; which was One for All. He was called to Nezu's Office where he met All Might. Nezu explained to All Might about Jaune's origins, All Might was surprised and was curious about Jaune. Nezu told him about his Semblance or Quirk now, on how it can heal major wounds. They explained to Jaune about All Might's injury and about his power, since accoridng to Nezu, they told All Might Jaune's secret, why not tell yours. In the end Jaune was able to fully heal All Might's wound and his skeletal form was gone and replaced with a more normal looking All Might if his timer ever runs out. Jaune was able to make All Might's time limit last for 12 hours. He was grateful for that and made a promised to Jaune that he will help him grow to an amazing hero.

Jaune remembers all the events that happened to him in his time in UA. As he looks at the Campus.

Jaune: Even though there's no chance I would return back to Remnant. I rather stay here than go back to that hellhole. The friends I have made, my new family, I'm so glad they accepted me.

As Jaune jogs back to the Dorms to start the day.

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