The WRONG Fortune!

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                                                              By my little sister

   Chapter 1

    "Yawn. I have school today.BUT I FUDGING HATE IT!"I said. My name is Joshua, I am a girl,and I love HIP HOP! I went halfway to the school bus, and saw my best friend Cameron.We left and headed all the way to the school bus. I fell asleep on the bus, but the bus driver wasn't surprised.When Cameron woke me up I almost had a heart attack. I swear my heart skipped a beat.

   "Wake up,wake up,WAKE UP!Cameron said.I got off the school bus. I was late to science class, again no surprise. My teacher didn't say anything important. All she said was everything we need to know to pass the test. While she was doing that and Cameron was taking notes and I was listening to music. You know being my old lazy self.

   ''FOR PETE'S SAKE! WILL YOU AT LEAST PRETEND TO LISTEN!''my teacher said. ''FINE!'' I yelled back trying to win the yelling game. When I got off of school I headed over to the carnival. I was wondering where Cameron was. When I got to the carnival I went into the fortune telling hut. I saw Cameron and then I realized after 5 minutes of staring at her that she worked there.

   "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!"she said. I smacked her hard in the face. "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THAT YOU WORKED HERE!"I said. "I don't know,but would you like me to tell you what your fortune is?"she said. "Sure."I said. "Hmmm oh oh here we go. You are going to run out of here and get lost. Then you will be in the forest starving to death, but you meet a HOT guy and he saves your life. Then, you two adorable love bert's get married and never divorce." she said still holding my hand while I was trying to make her let me you know GET THE HELL AWAY FROM HER! I said as I finally got FREAKING released. Then I got the fuck out of there. I WAS DOING EXACTLY WHAT CAMERON SAID I WOULD. NOW I-I'M REALLY FREAKING OUT! I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I DON'T WANT TO GET MARRIED NOW  I-I-I'M NOT OLD ENOUGH TO GET FREAKING MARRIED I AM ONLY 18!

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