Pirates In Love Fanfiction: The Pirate and His Cinderella

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Author's Note: 

Hey! Luna here. Almost all parts are the same with Nathan's main route because I reaaallly like his story but I decided to change some of them because the MC annoys me! (/>w<) /

and I sorta gave it a twist ! ~ 

Heeehhee! <3 I hope you don't mind XDD 

Enjoy reading!! 

Twisted Prologue: 

I'm Anju Nakahara from the island of Yamato. 

here I am sitting on the porch while staring at the vast sea in front of me. 

I wonder what lies there ? 

I'm sure there would be mysteries, adventures and a lot of interesting things! *SIGHS* 

I usually go to this spot when I'm feeling down. Today I ran away from my parents again. I'm tired of living with them. All these rules! manners! etiquette! They expect a lot of things from me that being myself is forbidden. 

What I need... 

Is an escape. 

I blinked my eyes rapidly as I saw a rather unusual ship on our port. 

"That's a pirate ship reyt?" 

"Yeh! Its the Sirius" 

Pirate ship? Sirius? Here on Yamato? I don't have any idea what they are talking about but they seem pretty popular. Just who are they? 

I continued walking when suddenly... 

"Hey! Yer a noble's daughter right?", a drunk man started pulling me. 

"Stop it! Lemme go! ",  I tried to shake him off but it was no use. 

"He, What a lowlife! Tryna abuse a woman!" , suddenly a man holding two swords appeared. He was tall, handsome with blond hair and intense green eyes. He looks like a prince.

"Stop molesting the kid! Its embarrassing", another guy appeared. he wore an eyepatch & he was holding a gun. Quietly, I analyzed his profile.. He is handsome but he looks mean and really scary. Are they bad guys as well? 

The drunk man let go of me and said: 

"Yer those Pirates from the Sirius reyt?", What? They're pirates? 

"What's going on here?" , Oh no! Those guys from the navy. They piss me off everytime. 

"Nothing..we're just having fun to kill some time", the eye-patch guy replied. He doesn't seem to be bothered. 

"You're pirates right? You are under arrest!". Oh no! They'll get arrested! 

"Let's take them on!", said  the green-eyed sword fencer. 

"Heh, too easy", replied the one with the eyepatch. 

    A lot of people are gathering around them now. They were having an intense fight with the navy but they can't even scrath them! Wow, amazing... but the number of their enemies are increasing. At this rate.. they might get caught! 

Think Anju! 

    Beside me I saw a cart filled with sacks of flour. I tied the cart to a neaby horse, pierced the sacks then let the horse run around for a commotion. 

"AAAARRRRRGGHHHH!!!", Its working! 

"HEY! They're escaping!", yelled on of the navy guys. 

I guess they're safe now.. 

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