Chapter Twenty-nine

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It did not take long for the news of their engagement to reach the press. Quentin fielded all the magazine calls that wanted an exclusive about their engagement. Together, they decided which magazine would interview them. They wanted to tell their side of their story before the rumor mongers filled in the blanks.

It felt surreal to Billie to be sitting in a dressing room getting her hair and make-up done so they could do a photoshoot together. Several times, she looked down at her ring and smiled.

She was to be Quentin's, and her heart soared.

Billie thought of her father's reaction to the news. He was elated, knowing how much she wanted this and having complete faith in Quentin to do right by her.

"Honestly, I think he's just happy you're going to make an honest woman out of me, and I'll no longer be living in sin." Billie chuckled.

"If living in sin means loving you, then I'm guilty as charged," Quentin told her, holding her close in his arms, his gaze so full of love it made her heart ache.

When they visited Isabelle, it was just the news to break the little girl out of her sullen mood now that she realized the cast meant she couldn't do a lot of the things she had done before. However, the thought of babies on the way completely brightened her day.

Elena was happy for them. Carlos however seemed more reserved. Billie wished he could share in her joy but understood it would take time for him to come to terms that she wasn't making a mistake.

Everyone in her inner circle seemed happy for her. Well, Danny wasn't so thrilled when he'd seen the ring on her finger as he took her hand to help her out of the car.

"You broke my heart, Billie," he told her.

"You really didn't believe..."

"I'm a dreamer... I had hoped."

Billie smiled at him sweet but sadly. "Your girl is out there, Danny. Now that you won't be pinning for me anymore maybe she'll have a chance to get your attention."

"Maybe?" he admitted although it was hard to imagine another girl that could measure up to Billie Dupree.

Even Mitch was all smiles when he held the door open for them. This was a truly happy time for everyone and Billie could not believe she was given this chance to be this happy again.

She was called to the photo shoot and Quentin meet her on the other side of the setup they had ready for them. The photographer had no problems capturing that look of love, as they clearly displayed it proudly in their features as they gazed into one another's eyes.

"Amazing! Wonderful!" he called out as he took snap after snap.

After the photoshoot was over, Billie and Quentin took a moment to wait and approve their favorites. Billie asked the man to shoot their wedding and he nearly fell out of his chair.

"I'd be honored. Thank you!"

Quentin left holding Billie's hand in his. "You know you've just made that man's career."

"I know, but he deserved it for doing such a beautiful job of capturing us. Billie said looking at the photo she took a copy of to frame at home."

"With a subject as beautiful as you how could he fail?" Quentin asked her.

"Don't you mean as beautiful as you?" Billie teased showing him the photo as proof of her point. Quintin was extremely photogenic and the camera loved him.

"Well, this is true," he teased back with a sexy grin.

"Are you all set for a night out with my mother?" Quentin asked.

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