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And guess who it was...
No, not Yn or Jayla...
Not even Amilia...
Who's being left..?
Right Ava.

„Babe, I know you still love me." she started.
„Really? If I did, then I would've talk to you"
„You are right now."
"I mean I'm general. Plus your not my type anymore."
"You better ask me to prom and not Yn this bitch."
"Too late I guess." I said smiling.
"Nope, not with me. You tell her you love me or make something up, so your going with me. Or.. I'm gonna make you regret it."

Gosh I hate her.
But I don't want anything to happen to Yn.
But Yn is never gonna trust me again, if I do it.
I don't want it.
I only want Yn.

Yeah, I haven't asked her to prom till now but I was going to...
I guess it won't happen then...

But I love Yn....


Why Is Jaden taking so long?

"Mhm?" Jayla snapped me out of my thoughts.
"Can you look where Jaden is?"

I slowly get out of the car and walked towards the school again.
As I walked in, I went to his locker.
He wasn't there.
I went to his last class.
Nope, no Jaden.
I even asked some of his friends, by some I mean all his friends.

„He walked into a room" one of them said.
„More like Someone grabbed him into a room." another one added.
„Thank you guys, even tho I don't know which room but still." I smiled.
„No problem."
„Btw, have Jaden already ask you to prom?" One of them asked.
"No.."I answered.
"No worries, he will."
"Yes, he's such a simp"
"He basically just talks about you."
"Cute, but I really need ti go back." I said.

"See ya someday!"

I walked back to the car, Jayla and Javon were in.
Waiting for me to get Jaden.

"Found him?" Javon asked.
"Nope, can't you see? He's not standing next to me right now so obviously not."
"No, I'm sorry."
"Where could he been?" Jayla asked
"His friends told me, he was grabbed into a room. I don't know what it's supposed to mean"

"Maybe he got into trouble." Javon said all off a sudden.
"Maybe." Jayla said.

Somehow I had a bad feeling.
I mean we waited 20 minutes for him to come.

"WAIT I THINK I SEE- nope it's not him.." Javon said, more screamed.
"Why is he taking so long for whatever he does?" Jayla asked.

I was too worried and confused to speak.
He just disappeared into a room with someone.
I mean it can only mean something bad.


Jaden pov

Ava was holding a whole speech about why I should come back to her.
School ended half an hour ago.

I looked over at my phone and saw lots of missing calls from Jayla, Javon, Mom, Dad aven Mumps....

Most of them were from Yn.
I feel bad.

"Okay well if you dint mind, I rather go home than listen to your ugly voice for another hour."
"Okay, but don't forget. You NEED to leave Yn. And come back with ME!"

In your dreams.

Finally, I walked out of the room and walked over to the car.
As I just walked out of school, I saw a girl running towards me.


She immediately hugged me.
I obviously hugged back.

She then broke the hug.

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!" Yn asked worried.
(Rihanna vibes)
"I'm gonna explain everything, just not now.. when we arrive back home. Then I'm gonna tell you everything." I said.



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