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Emma, Belle and Gold drove back to the sheriff's station with their information. Emma brought the video tape of her and Lily to show Maleficent.
When they arrived Maleficent grew very anxious.
"Are you sure you want to see this?" Gold asked. She nodded holding back tears. Emma was surprised at how emotional Maleficent was getting. It reminded her of how her parents never felt. How they didn't even remember her. She needed to stop. It wasn't their fault.
Emma slipped the video tape into the VCR and hit play. She saw herself with Lily and tears began to well in her eyes. When she could see Lily's face she paused it.
"That's my daughter?" Maleficent asked.
"Yes." Gold answered. Maleficent turned around and did something no one expected. She wept.
"Maleficent are you okay?" Emma seemed to be the only one that cared. David and Snow seemed content with themselves. Belle just worried about dropping the dagger. Gold and Regina were having a silent conversation and Cruella was trying not to rip someone's head off through the bars.
"No I'm not okay. My daughter was ripped away from me. Until now I didn't know whether or not I had a girl or a boy. I didn't know what colour hair she had. What colour eyes she had. I know nothing about her childhood. As a mother I've failed. And it's all your fault." She glared at snow and David. Emma understood where she was coming from. When she had first met Regina she hated her because she wouldn't let her be near her son. Regina hated her because she was trying to take Henry away. Their situations weren't the same but she still knew how Maleficent felt. Emma thought Maleficent was going to break the cell and strangle her parents but instead Maleficent turned to Cruella.
"You and Ursula told me my child was dead." She said sternly.
"You see we lied. We left it there to die so we just assumed it had."
"That was my daughter!" Maleficent screeched and tried to turn into a dragon but failed because of the cuffs on her wrists.
"Not today darling!" Cruella cackled
Regina flicked her wrist removing the bars that separated their cells.
"Regina what are you doing?" David asked.
"Oh come on, you guys can't tell me you don't want to see Maleficent strangle Cruella."
"Regina, as much as I would love to see that this is not the time!" As Emma finished her sentence they realized that Maleficent had a good grip on Cruella's neck and Cruella was just scratching at her trying to break free. Emma used her magic to pull the two apart and Regina brought back the bars once again separating the two witches. Since they had eliminated the danger of Cruella and Maleficent, everyone went home except David. He was in charge of the two witches while everyone went home to rest. As he waited Maleficent waved her hand motioning for him to come over.
"What?" David grumbled.
"You are heroes. It is your job to help people right?"
"Yes but not people like you." David started to turn away but Maleficent spoke again.
"Then don't do this for me. Do it for Lilith. She is a young lady who deserves to know her mother. Just think about the way Emma felt when she first met you her parents."
David thought about it. Then he remembered how hard it was for Emma to believe in magic. Lily wouldn't have a son to convince her it was real...But she would have her old childhood friend. Emma.
"Ok I'll ask Emma tomorrow but for now you should sleep."

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