Dangerous - Paul (Twilight) Chapter One

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Chapter One – Back in the Saddle Again

Song –Maybe: Sick Puppies

“I bet you won’t say it again.” She challenged. The glare on my face suddenly slipped into a deadly smirk. “You really wanna bet? I wouldn’t take my chances if I were you.” I replied. With a ‘humph’ of her breath, she stamped towards me, her girly figure didn’t really scare me. I silently laughed on the inside, the laughter threatening to burst out. She lifted her fist and before she could even calculate what was happening, I had her arm in my grip and bent behind her back, twisted awkwardly. She yelped in pain as my eyes glared holes in her back. I leaned in real close to her ear, just about to tell her she had one death wish left, when Mrs. Barns turned the corner and walked in on our beat down. Shit! That’s the last thing I needed. I sighed and pushed Samantha to the ground, rolling my eyes and walking behind Mrs. Barns, I already knew the drill. Well, this was my last chance. I’ll be placed into some other gay school around this hell hole of a town.

As soon as we were in the office her rant began. I finally started listening again when she mentioned my aunt and uncle. That snapped my thoughts in half. I honestly didn’t give a damn about them anymore. I’m very independent. The only time I ever see them is if I stay home on the weekends, and I choose not to. “Why do you continue to do this, Tyler? Your aunt and uncle will be very disappointed. You’ve always been a trouble maker, but it’s time you get a grip. The officer said this was your last chance before you get taken away.” “Like I give a fuck what they think! Say what you think, because you obviously don’t know the situation, you old bitch! I’m not going to be stuck here, and brought to another school, this is it! I’m outta here! Tell that officer he won’t see me again!” I ran out the door before I could even hear her reply. I ran all the way home. What the hell was I supposed to do now? Stay home and wait for another round of scolding? Ha! Yeah right! I grabbed my phone from my pocket and then the idea hit my nose like a brick to the face. Jacob! I scanned through my phone contacts and looked at the archived number I hadn’t used in a lonnngggg time. I dialed like a maniac.

“Hello? Is this Jacob?” I questioned the other line. “Uhm, yes, who is this?” “I can’t believe you don’t even know your own sister’s voice!” I playfully joked said. I heard him chuckle deeply. “So how’s it going, Tyler? I’m surprised you haven’t gone insane yet, considering you live with our aunt.” “That’s not funny! I still don’t get why I was shipped off here in the middle of Arizona! What the flip is wrong with dad?!” I hollered. This time he fell into a full blown laughter. My face fell into a glare I had no one to glare at so I glared at a nearby squirrel. “Ya know I can just see you glaring over the phone.” “Shut the hell up! But what I was calling for, I was just telling you that I’ll be coming in about a few hours. Let’s just say I got in some trouble again…” I finished then hung up, not really wanting to into details. I broke my window to my room at my aunt’s house and grabbed all my crap. I called all my friends and told them duces and I was out.

I was on the plane for the longest time with some old fart with a horrible snoring problem, but when I was off, I checked my phone to see I had about 20 calls from Jake. Hahahaha! Well, this otta be funny. I wasn’t off the plane for 10 minutes when I saw Jake. He had gotten really, super tall and buff! Wow, I guess I’d been gone longer than I thought! His eyes scanned the crowd of airport people, obviously looking for me. He got some looks from a lot of chicks. I laughed in my head, thinking he didn’t even realize he was being checked out by all these people. I grabbed my purple suitcases and my orange and pink Vera Bradley back pack from the luggage rack and headed his way, my long black hair trailing behind me. I had definatley changed in the last six years. I used to have my hair hacked off to my shoulders and I wore no makeup what so ever. Now, my hair is long and I always straightened, and I wear a tad of makeup, and I’ve always been a little rough around the edges, just after my mother died and I was shipped off to Arizona when it got worse. Then I fell out of contact with Jacob and dad, mostly because I ignored them. And I don’t regret it, I was seriously pissed! Well it was all still in motion until about yesterday. I honestly had no clue how awkward this was going to be. My guess, a lot!

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