Someone Special

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Nothing really ever happens until your older, especially back in the 1800's, unless your life is exciting and going somewhere. This first part includes me. Though I was never like normal girls my age, younger or older, ( though that never really mattered) I still had a lonely life, and for some reason I was happy with it. My parents, Rachel and James had gotten married by their parents making it an arranged marriage. It seemed to have turned out fine, though I would prefer to marry someone I actually loved. They led a strong happy life, good jobs, but hen they had me. I was obvious I wasn't a favorite child. I tried not to let that ge to me. I was the unexpected child and I pretty much raised myself to be as brought up and proper as any young girl should be, but inside I was someone who wanted a fairytale life with a man who loved me and a best friend. I wanted tk make the best out of it, and when I got the chance I would.

My name is Elizabeth, but I prefer Beth. I look a lot lime my dad, grey blue eyes, dark brown hair, and of course pale skin. No matter how much time i am outside reading or playing with my friend Anne, i always stay pale. I only went into town with my mom when needed but otherwise i did go out much.

My family, if you can call it that, moved to a small town in England when I was 17 years of age. Back where I used to Iive I had one friend, Anne. She was opposite me in many a way, but that's what made us the best of friends. Her blonde hair was stunning and bright it looked like sunshine. Her frame was a perfect hourglass and she was tall. She had severalsuiters lining up for her, though she payed them no mind, which irritated her parents to no end. Both of them blamed me for her evasiveness to men, butI knew thatshejust wasnt ready to letgo of her freedom and become a wife. Anne was free-willed and proper, but she just didnt want suiters now. Her family was highly praised and had good wealth. I was not meant todo thingswith her and it worried me sometimes, when she snuck out to see me.

"Are you certain I won't get you in trouble?" I would ask knowing she would try to appease me either way.

"Stop your worrying Beth I will be perfectly fine." Anne would say with a smile of triumph upon her lips.

I smiled back at her and we would begin our game once more. We ran in circles and chased the other, out of the blue there was a hard tall wall that I ran into, making me fall back onto the crispy fading green grass. I look up, blocking the sun from my eyes to see Anne's father standing stiff and tall before me. He had Anne tucked under his arm in a way that did not look comfortable. He looked mad and furious at me. I was frozen on the cold ground, not being able to move from his glare. He finally turned and walked away, with Anne giving me an apologetic look. I think I had smiled. That was the last time I had ever seen her and her family. Once they were gone I started tearing up. I didn't start to go home right away but since it was getting dark I know I needed to. I fought back my tears all the way knowing that I had just lost the one person who liked me for me. I was banned from my best friend.

I remember that night being brutal, tears raging down my face, staining it with salt water. That next morning my parents told me we were moving. They said that they had been planning it for a while but their excuse for not telling me earlier was that they were busy doing things. They wouldn't specify of course because that's all it was, an excuse. I had noticed lately that they hadn't been on good terms and that they were bickering on and off regularly, so I guess they figured that if we were to move that it would stop. I was stunned that they thought I was the town that made them fight.. But I would let them figure that one out on their own.

The next couple days were spent on packing up what little belongings we had and moving it to a carriage that we would be using during our travel. They packed quicker then I could have imagined and was done with the house when I finished my room. They must be seriously needed. A little later we were off to a new home. I wasn't sure where this new place was and I didn't care enough to ask. So I kept quiet. Sleep was really the only thing to do during our journey, so that's what I did, along with my parents of course. It tookmonth to arrive. The time traveling was uneventful and tense, my parents always at different ends of the car we rode in. We hardly stopped along the way, but when we did it was brief. I supposed that my mother was eager to arrive, she has always had trouble, stayingin one place for a longtime.Upon arrive, finally, weunloaded and unpacked just enough to sleep. All of us fell into a heavy slumber quickly, we were lucky it was late nighttime.

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