Chapter | 8

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Encyclopedia of Supernaturals

Alpha Shifters vs 'Ordinary' Shifters:
Shifter Gene is recessive. Humans can create Shifter babies and vice versa.
However, Shifters need to be born in their animal form, though. If a human gives birth in human form, the Shifter baby automatically dies. Therefore, only Female Shifter X male human children will survive.
If none of their ancestors are human, their bloodline will be Alphas. If the bloodline ever had human in them, there will be no chance for any of their children to be Alphas even when they start exclusively procreating with real Alphas.
That is why Alphas are so rare (in CSOS) and very highly regarded in the species. Only Shen is one, but Oreo is not.

some days later,


""Bye Mommy! By Daddy!" a very cheerful Ryūji just ran out the gates after kissing his parents goodbye like he normally does, even skipping like a whole child on his way to the car.

One of his parents were getting very suspicious. "Hmm. Now why the héll would my baby Oreo be acting like that?"

"Ask yourself," The Shinji Master mutters, all his focus on his laptop as usual.

"Could it be him and Shen is dating? They've been going out almost every day now, it's gonna be weird if they're together."

"You don't like Shen, baby dumpling?"

"No, it's just gonna be weird... Oreo literally changed Shen's diapers too." After all, in Shifter years Ryūji is a whole decade older than Shen. But, physically and in human years, they're just two years apart. "Hmm, I'm calling the boy's father."

"They would definitely mind if your reckless son would be dating Shen."

"Reckless?! Oreo is a very good boy, any parent would be dying to get him as a son-in-law."

"You're right, his father almost died when he saw the two playing House years ago."

"He's just dramatic."

"Like you."

Unbeknownst to them, Ryūji literally takes Lei out on a date the moment school ends. In the past week, he has taken the vampire prince on the Tokyo tower in the Mainland; ice skated in the park; took him to cat cafes where they played with kitties. They bought stuff from the antique shops where Lei got authentic Japanese memorabilia.

And when they get back in the hotel, they either have fun cooking together, watch a movie, or have an intimate make out session wherever they feel like it. It was like young love birds worrying about nothing else in the world but each other.

"Ryūj... ji..." Lei moans out, feeling heaven at the sensation of his secret lover's hands wrapped around both of their most sensitive parts together. After many instances of enjoying each other's lips, they couldn't help but seek to touch each other more.

They're still making out on the sofa as if they were reckless teenagers that are new to this act, even discarding their shirts haphazardly. Ryūji provides Lei with pleasure by touching him all over and kissing him in places where no man has ever touched before. "Li Jei..."

"I..." Lei winces, burying his face against his lover's neck. "Ryūji, I..."

"... yes?"

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