Chapter 2~♥

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With a left-twist, the door opened.  Placing the key in the back pocket of my True Religion skinny jeans, I stepped aside to let my two friends in.

            “I missed your house Ev,” Mason said randomly.  He strolled inside the majestic space, his black Converse All-Stars mildly squeaking the tiled floor.  He always said that.  I didn’t really know why, but I had a guess that it reminded him of those posh celebrity houses.  To me, I really didn’t see the difference.  At least there was a roof over my head.

            Christina strolled inside the entranceway and crossed her arms over her motorcycle jacket.  “You’re late,” she directed to me. 

            I shrugged.  “We had a surprise encounter.” 

            Lor started walking toward the kitchen.  “I’m gonna get some ice cream, kay?” Her voice echoed in the high ceilings.

            “Ooh, I’m going too.”  Mason quickly followed her tracks.

            “Knock yourself out,” I called.  I heard the refrigerator let out a suppressed gasp, followed by a discussion of ice cream choices.

            Christina eyed me, her eyes looking troubled.  “I suppose you haven’t been aware.”

            I mimicked her look, failing.  I had always been jealous of her expressions.  She could get someone to do work for her by just her “innocent” look.  Or make someone feel guilty by her “dominant-executive” one.  I swear…

            “Yeah, what’s up?”

            My sister pulled me closer her voice dropping an octave lower.

            “Mom’s dating again.”

            It took me a full minute to digest the information.  My mind did a double-take.  I peered my eyes at my sister.  “Wait, what?!”

            “She’s been meeting this guy named Xander.  You know how she’s always been busy with work? Well, she’s been sneaking out with him in dates.”  Christina rolled her eyes and bit her lip, shaking her head.  “That sneaky little-”

            My mouth formed into a wide, Cheshire cat grin.  “That’s great! She’s been a little bit lonely, don’t you think?” My mind-per usual-started to wander off to see how Mom’s new love interest would be.  Dashing? Cute? Athletic? The possibilities were making me feel anxious.  “But, how come Mom didn’t tell us any of this…?”

            Christina gave me a flabbergasted look.  “Wait, you’re okay with this? First of all, Mom’s the one who vowed to us to be single since the divorce.  Second, this Xander is nothing but a weird, shy, gawky type.  Third, she probably doesn’t want us to get all over her and pestering her with questions.”  She switched her tone into one similar to a little girl.  “OMG Mom! Does he have serious muscles? Is he rich?”

            It was obvious that horrible impersonation was based on me.  I chose to stay relevant to the topic.  “But seriously…how do you know all of this? Did she already tell you?”


            “Why aren’t you okay with this?”

            A long pause between us arose.

            My sister looked away.  “Nothing,” she mumbled.

            I knew better than to push the subject.  I linked my arms with her and gave her a reassuring smile.  “Whatever.  We’ll deal with all of this later.  Now, let’s go crank some Algebra.”

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