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I think that my favourite animal, based on its intelligence would be the closest 'relative' to humans, which are chimpanzees.

Scientists has shown that we apparently grew from these creatures, and we are capable of having different characteristics from these chimpanzees. Including facial hair, which John needs to shave off...

What is even more remarkable, they can manipulate their environment and utilize tools, which can help the community in which they live in.

So, there. Chimpanzees are wonderful human-like creatures.



Okay, I completely agree with old Sherl (he is NOT old.... lol) here! I have learnt a lot in science to know that we are their common ancestor.

What is your favourite animal? ---> comment below!


Ok, that is a mythical creature...

But I also like, baby lambs... O.o cute n fluffy. I held one in a farm once. I could feel its heart beating it was soooo cute XD

Also, sorry for not updating my stories, too many exams n homework, its killing me.... *-*

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