Chapter 24

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I looked up at Harry. "Harry? I thought you were dead?" I asked. "So did I!" Harry replied. He pull up his sleeve and I saw that his arm was plastic. "I found the fake arm in a house a few miles back. I escaped with you, Leighanna helped me, so did Sinead. Kian cut my arm of hoping that I would bleed to death. My own uncle tried to kill me, just because I stole a gun from him. Ever since that, I hate all of you including you two, Sinead and Leighanna. Its over!" Harry said. "Thanks for the food by the way!" Harry exclaimed. "Harry your uncle is gone, we don't know where he is... Oh my god! I just realised that he was heading into the herd of zombies that killed most of our group!" Francesca pointed out. "Harry? how could you I helped you all this way!" Leighanna kept interrupting everyone. "I know that Kian is dead. I distracted him on me whilst he was eaten alive!" Harry evilly said. "Harry!" Leighanna shouted. "What?! You peasant!" Harry screamed back. Leighanna stopped and stared at Harry. "Ha! Just kidding." Harry said. Leighanna stood up and laughed at us. "After Harry hit me on the head he explained that he thought it was Megan then he untied me and I just sat there until you guys come." Leighanna laughed. She picked up the last of the food and put it in Harry's truck. "Bye losers!" Leighanna said. "Wait what about me, I helped too!" Sinead pointed out. "You have one leg, You are useless to us now!" Harry shouted. "Right that's it, if and when we get out of here, I'm going to kill them!" Sinead viciously mumbled. "Pft! Yeah right, when we get out of here, were going to kill you, you tried to go with them."I shouted.

I reached my leg over to my sword that I had previously dropped. "Guys, help me get the sword to cut the rope!" I demanded. Everyone remaining helped me. "Hurry, a zombie is coming!" Megan shouted. Francesca got the sword between her feet and under my rope. She kicked up and broke the rope. I picked up the sword ran out and sliced the zombie's head off. I then cut Francesca and Megan free. Then I cut Sinead's rope. "Why are you letting her go?" Francesca asked. "She is still a human, just a stupid one!" I replied. "Quick get in the car!" I demanded. I saw a spill of oil on the road that was from their truck. I followed it.

"Stop! There! They're parked over there." Megan pointed out. I got my sword and got out of the car. I made my way towards then killing all the zombies in my way. I took the sword out of its case; ran up to Harry "Oi!" I shouted. Harry turned around. I swung my sword back in anger. Smash! The sword was stuck in something. I turned my head to see what it was. There I saw it, it was peck. "What? Peck I thought you were dead?" I asked. "Well now he is you idiot!" Harry shouted at me. There was a large slice through his head. "I am so sorry! Francesca I didn't mean to kill your cousin!" I said. "That's fine! He meant nothing to me!" She replied. Harry got a knife and put it around my throat. Bang! A gun fired at Harry. Sinead, Francesca, Leighanna, Megan and the corpse of peck were in front of me. Harry removed his arm from my neck and he collapsed. Who did this? Who could it be? I turned my head to see who it was. It was Kian and Sophie. I ran up to them and hugged them both. I was shortly followed by Megan and Francesca. "Guys! we still have one more problem!" Sinead said whilst struggling to point at Leighanna. "No! we have two problems!" Francesca replied. "But we still have to deal with it!" she added.

Kian and Sophie explained how they all escaped the herd of zombies. "It's a shame what you did to peck, but he was scared of this anyway. He needed it." Kian said. "I guess we are back on the road, and some of this food is starting to rot." Francesca said. "I guess we could go back to the village and try and zombie proof one of the houses? What do you think?" I asked. "Watch out!" Kian screamed. I got out my sword and swung it behind me. "What the hell, we just killed harry, but he came back as a zombie." I said. I figured out it was because he was shot below the brain, maybe the brain is what is needed to be killed for the zombie to die. Some people drove to the village and the rest walked. I was testing my theory on the way I stabbed a zombie in the stomach and it didn't die then I stabbed it in the head and it did die. Maybe I was right.

"I have a confession guys! I was the person that wrote those signs saying kill the leaders and live, I thought if I killed Alfie, our leader, then I would survive. I was just going crazy and I hope you can forgive me." Leighanna said. "Yeah sure we can!" I replied. "We're all cool now. lets just get to one of the houses and relax. Okay?" I asked. "Okay!" Leighanna said. we walked back to where the lorry was and knocked on the door. Kian let us in, We walked in and there were people sitting on the couch. One man One woman and two little girls. I think they were a family. "Who the hell are they?" I asked angrily.

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