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I scolded him for spreading his clothes on my sofa then he defended himself by saying he didn't know another place.

I laid on my bed while he sat on the couch after coming from my bathroom when guards left. I was tired after bathing twice as well as dancing in the rain.

He brought one of the graphic novel from my book shelf. I popped my head out of the sheet to see what he took fancy of. Harry Houdini was in his hand. He indulged himself reading the story. I never thought he would be the kind of guy who liked reading books.

He looked more of a fighter type. Judging from his looks, his face was more clean and had a sharp nose and jawline. His thin lips and deadly eyes were faking dicey glances whenever he heard of something against his demand. His knuckles had callouses and scars that were the proof of his minacious essence.

From far it was his clenched jaw made a threat while when he was frightening to drawn me in my own bathtub, I knew he meant it and it was what his dark coffee brown eyes were imparting me.

Last night that guy made my home worse. I've got a lot to do. I still don't know what he had done on the upper floor. I checked my dad's room. He got important files in his drawer. I just closed the door and he explored the whole house.

I am the one who take care of my father's files and documents. I'll know if someone ransacked through them. I opened every drawer including those of his office. Nothing is missing.

I double checked the windows and locked the door this time.

Besides these documents others can never find where are the cash and jewelleries. So i am allayed from that.

He kept my phone on the nightstand before leaving that caught my sweet sleep shattered into pieces when I heard an awful din. I followed the noise only to find that my phone was the source. I never heard this kind of tatty tunes especially from my own device.

Sometimes I regret my own decision. Like I should have kept Maya masi beside me. Now I need to do everything on my own.

I can call her to come and continue with her job but it's really unseemly to do so.

Pulling up my sleeves I prepared myself to do all the house work including tidying up every room and mopping the floor too.

Upon wrapping up with everything from my room I washed the clothes from yesterday.

I'm slow at doing house work and for not messing everything up I was doing it super slow. Because if I really ruined anything it would take me double time to rearrange and mend.

He left his foot prints everywhere which took my priceless time and labour. I wonder when did I became laborious though.

The weather doesn't seem to be so nice. Its cloudy. May it rain again today. I'll enjoy the thunder and shower. The thought makes my dopamine level at least four times higher than it should be.

My mom and dad has reached the destination safe and sound. I'm relieved and happy. I don't know the place exactly and if I had bestowed a tiny bit of curiosity in front of them, they would take me along.

I'm better unaware than to tag along.

It's my first day alone.

It struck my mind suddenly "The footprints."

I ran towards the guardroom located beside the main gate. The guards changes their shift at six in the morning and then two in the afternoon and ten at night. They do eight hour shift. Two guards at a time.

I swiped up the green when phone buzzed,"Good morning mom."

She asked in a stern voice,"I asked you not to drench yourself in rain. Did you think of you as a peacock or what? You don't listen to me. Is that why you strictly denied to come with me and threw everyone out of the house?"

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